Best Fireplace Tools: 7 Fun Fireside Accessories

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There's a lot going on in any fireplace adventure. You have to gather the logs, get yourself comfortable, keep the area clean and make sure you're fed. It's a lot to handle, particularly without the right tools. For a guide to some helpful accessories, look no further than our fireside accessories list. We'll show you where to look and what to buy.


Heavy throw: Every fireplace companion needs to feel cozy and warm, so wrap up in a luxury throw blanket. Pick out something plush, animal-friendly and large, keeping you snuggled up for the worst of the season's cold. has a great Lazo Throw with hand-stitch detailing and a poly-suede backing that is luxurious and fashionable. Look for something like it, and you'll never want the fireside fun to end.

Sheepskin rug: Pottery Barn is known for a lot of cookware, but it also has a great selection of decorations and furniture. Look for the store's sheepskin rug, an $80 beauty made with New Zealand or Australian sheepskin. It's beautiful color and warm feel is perfect for the floor in front of your fireplace. Snuggle your toes into the fur and enjoy the fuzzy relaxation.


Log sling: Storing wood can be a real pain, not to mention a mess. It's also difficult to move the pile around, should you change your mind about where to store it. Simplify your life with a log tote, available at stores like Crate & Barrel. They're shaped like slings, made with heavyweight felt, and come with sturdy wood handles to carry your logs around in. The sling doesn't sink when you let go of it, either; its wire framing keeps it sitting next to your fireplace, cute and sturdy.

Match strike & keeper: Storing matches is easy enough, but a fashionable striker? That's another question. Well, not anymore, with's match strike and keeper. The clever design is ultra chic and stylish, and it conveniently stores all your flame-starter matches. As an added bonus, it has a surface all around it that is perfect for striking the wooden matches for a quick light. It's small enough to fit on your mantle and will make match lighting a fashionable breeze.


Popcorn popper: Yes, they still make old-fashion popcorn poppers, and no, I don't mean the ones you leave on the stove. I'm talking about classic-styled, fireplace safe, steel popcorn poppers. The extended handle has heat-preventive structuring and a string for easy hanging, and the holder itself has ventilation holes for safety. Pop in a movie and make your fireplace event extra special with some butter-drenched goodness. You can find one at

Flame griller: Want a more filling meal than popcorn? Look no further than an actual indoor grill. Fireplace grills are available for under $100 on, and they come with adjustable cooking grates to make the cooking easier. If it's too cold to grill outside (which, let's face it, it probably is, considering you're using the fireplace), then pop out this perfect indoor cooker and get grilling!

Tree fork: Nothing says fireside dessert like roasted marshmallows. Stop messing with those crazy and unreliable wire hangers. Instead, opt for a tree fork, which can roast up to 10 marshmallows at a time and is made of stainless steel. Available at, the trinket is great for dangling those white treats over the flame. Grab some chocolate and graham crackers, and you've got yourself an indoor s'more party.

Now that you're all cuddled, fed and warm, just sit back and enjoy the perfection. For an even greater time, invite some friends over for your next fireside fiesta. It will be a wonderful (and warm!) night that you're all sure to enjoy.

Last Updated: July 22, 2011
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