Alexandra Kerr

Alexandra Kerr

Through Ideal Home Garden, Alexandra covers topics ranging from interior design to home improvement, gardening and cuisine. Having a passion for cooking and entertaining in her own life, she hopes to communicate her love of home design and decorating with her readers. 

Articles by Alexandra Kerr

Ten Common Home Security Mistakes

Many homeowners know they must take precautions to keep their property safe from burglars, but are still guilty of committing one or more of these common home security... more

Benefits and Tips For Installing Vinyl Siding

Providing a manmade alternative to wood side paneling for homes, vinyl siding has become increasingly popular with American homeowners. Currently, approximately 32... more

What Are The Best Scented Candles For Every Room?

Candles quickly create a soft, romantic ambiance when placed in any room, and can be used throughout the house as both décor and lighting. Scented candles offer... more

Fall Decoration Ideas For Your Front Door

If you prefer traditional autumn décor to spooky Halloween themes, try some of these fall decoration ideas for your home's front door and entry. Greet guests... more

8 Easy Ways To Update Your Car

You may have an older car, but there are plenty of easy ways to update and refresh your interior and exterior, giving your vehicle a brand new look and feel. From... more

Rustic Bedroom Furniture & Decor Ideas

If you enjoy the fabrics, sights and d├ęcor of a mountain lodge, consider designing your bedroom in the classic rustic style. From beautiful aged iron pieces to... more

How To Organize Makeup On Your Counter

Whether you keep your makeup and cosmetic products on the bathroom counter or a bedroom vanity, chances are you’ve noticed bottles, jars and tubs pile up... more

Christmas Decoration Ideas With String Lights

Discover a variety of ways to use these Christmas decoration classics to create a beautifully lit seasonal display in your home. Use colored and white lights in... more

How To Prepare Your Home For Santa

Each year, millions of children eagerly await the arrival of their favorite holiday character. Use this checklist to give your kids the full experience of Christmas,... more

DIY Christmas Wall Decor For Holiday Decorating

Using items you may already own, you can easily create fun, festive and distinctive Christmas wall décor perfect for any home's style. Wreaths One of the most... more

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