Alexandra Kerr

Alexandra Kerr

Through Ideal Home Garden, Alexandra covers topics ranging from interior design to home improvement, gardening and cuisine. Having a passion for cooking and entertaining in her own life, she hopes to communicate her love of home design and decorating with her readers. 

Articles by Alexandra Kerr

Outdoor Winter Party Ideas

If you have great weather all year long, or even if you don’t, try throwing an outdoor winter party this year, and celebrate the season surrounded by nature.... more

Walk-In Tubs & Showers For The Elderly & Luxury Bathrooms

Bathtubs come in a wide array of shapes, sizes and styles, allowing consumers to select the perfect fit for their budget, style and needs. Whether you’re looking... more

Easy & Creative Book Crafts To Decorate Your Home

Whether you love reading them, or simply enjoy decorating with them, books are a beautiful and distinguished way to accessorize your home. Do more than line your... more

How To Build A Batting Cage In Your Backyard

Enjoy the convenience of practicing your swing at home by constructing your own batting cage. Assemble the cage in your yard for summer and fall play, then simply fold... more

A Guide To The Different Types Of Fireplaces

Whether you already own a fireplace in your home or yard, or are looking to install one, use this guide to learn more about the varying styles, sizes and materials... more

Cape Cod Decorating Ideas For The Kitchen

Let the smells of boiling lobster, crisp corn on the cob and fresh caught clams fill your home in this Cape Cod styled kitchen. Modeled after spacious, functional... more

Decorating Ideas For A Studio Living Space

Studio apartments offer the convenience of city living on a budget, but are often incredibly cramped, and offer little space to decorate individual rooms. Using tricks... more

Outdoor Room Designs

Winter may have ravaged your yard or garden, but with a few easy updates you can quickly be ready for summer parties. Designating specific outdoor areas for... more

Christmas Candle Crafts For DIY Decor

Rather than spending the money for high priced boutique candles and candleholders, just make your own. By combining items you already own with a few simple materials... more

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