Alexandra Kerr

Alexandra Kerr

Through Ideal Home Garden, Alexandra covers topics ranging from interior design to home improvement, gardening and cuisine. Having a passion for cooking and entertaining in her own life, she hopes to communicate her love of home design and decorating with her readers. 

Articles by Alexandra Kerr

Pinecone Crafts For Christmas

Pinecones are one of the most abundant and simple to use materials for Christmas decorations. Whether you gather them from your yard, or purchase them from a craft... more

Natural Christmas Decorations For The Fireplace Mantel

The Christmas holiday is naturally tied to the changing of the seasons and beautiful winter landscapes. This year, try decorating your fireplace mantel with natural... more

Natural Christmas Decoration Ideas For The Living Room

There’s no need to abandon a love of nature when it comes time to decorate your living room for the Christmas holiday season. Combine the best loved elements of... more

Elegant Christmas Decorations For The Fireplace Mantel

If your home is decorated with beautiful metallics, minimalist designs and an eye for elegant décor, the Christmas season need not be an exception. Use these... more

How To Decorate A Natural Christmas Tree

If you enjoy the beauty of nature more than traditional Christmas decorations, use the colors and materials found in winter landscapes to decorate your Christmas tree... more

How To Make Natural Christmas Ornaments & Decorations

The holiday season is a great time to create beautiful and easy to make crafts with family and friends, while decorating your home and having some fun. If you enjoy... more

Luxurious Home Spa Bathroom Design

The spa atmosphere evokes feelings of relaxation, peace and purity. It is carefully designed to create the optimal atmosphere for clients to release tension and enjoy... more

Rustic Lodge Bathroom Design & Decorations

If you live in a rustic mountain home, or simply enjoy this particular design style, creating a rustic lodge bathroom theme is a great way to bring the rugged comfort... more

Thanksgiving Table Decoration Ideas

If you plan to host Thanksgiving dinner, be sure to give one of the biggest meals of the year a beautiful setting to be displayed. Decorate your dining room... more

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