Alexandra Kerr

Alexandra Kerr

Through Ideal Home Garden, Alexandra covers topics ranging from interior design to home improvement, gardening and cuisine. Having a passion for cooking and entertaining in her own life, she hopes to communicate her love of home design and decorating with her readers. 

Articles by Alexandra Kerr

Back To School: Remove Stains On Clothes

Back to school means fighting tough messes. From spilt lunches to mud-filled soccer games, kids' clothes require some serious cleaning by the time they arrive home.... more

Garage Conversion: Mechanic’s Shop

If you like cars, bikes or anything else with a motor, chances are you've had to fix it. Hauling your vehicles down to the local mechanic's shop can be a hassle, and a... more

Find A Home Air Duct Cleaning Service

With a growing awareness of indoor air pollution and the subsequent rise in popularity of air filters, purifiers, and cleaners, many home owners consider cleaning... more

Hardwood Vs. Laminate Flooring

Beautiful wood flooring has become increasingly popular for urban and country homes alike, easily creating an elegant and sleek look in any room. Long lasting and easy... more

Green Gardening: How To Get Rid Of Weeds Without Chemicals

While everyone wants a beautiful lawn and a garden free of weeds, filling your property with harmful chemicals is an undesirable side effect. Not only can traditional... more

Homemade Kids' Halloween Costume Ideas

Don't spend a fortune on store bought Halloween costumes that will only be worn once. Try one of these creative options for homemade kids' Halloween costumes this... more

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Tips And Instructions

Halloween decorations wouldn't be complete without jack-o-lanterns, so check out these pumpkin carving tips for easily creating this autumn decor staple. Large or... more

Christmas Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Christmas is the perfect time to use mason jars as decorations, gift packaging, lighting and more. These simple, classic and inexpensive jars can beautifully display... more

New England Clambake Recipes

Make this delicious collection of classic New England seafood and tasty sides like potatoes and corn over a fire or in a pot on your stove. Traditionally prepared over... more

Xeriscaping Garden Ideas

While a beautifully landscaped garden can make any home look nice, the amount of water required to sustain lush yards can put a drain on your wallet and the state's... more

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