Bill Washburn

Bill Washburn

William "Bill" Washburn has a BA in advertising from the Art Center College of Design and has taught at the University of Southern California and Northrup University. Writing from a well-connected studio in the rural foothills of the west coast, he is a frequent speaker at local art associations and has published numerous articles discussing periods of art history and the fundamentals of drawing and painting. William is a master gardener who grows his own culinary herbs, organic heirloom vegetables and a variety of fruits. He writes frequently about his gardening experiences on his website Pioneer Dad . He is an accomplished advertising writer, fine art painter, and art director with more than 20 years' experience. 

Articles by Bill Washburn

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How to Make a Stump Side Table

Building new side tables for the living room or den is an ideal use of the tree stump or trunk. Cut your own, or check local landscaping companies to see if they have... more

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