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Blinds Vs. Curtains: Choose What's Best for You

Decorating a home can be a difficult task given all the choices available today, but selecting window treatments can be an easy and pleasant experience if you... more

Living Room Wall Art Ideas

No one wants to spend the bulk of their time sitting in a room they find repulsive. One of the easiest and most popular ways to decorate a living room is with wall... more

How to Install Crown Molding

Crown molding's unique cut is a beautiful addition to any room, but its odd angle to the wall and need for precision installation can leave many amateur... more

Stylish Shared Bedroom Ideas For Kids

While most parents would love to give each of their children their own room, sometimes it's just not possible. A shared bedroom is quite common, but not as simple as... more

Mattress Shopping Guide

We've all heard the story of "The Princess and the Pea." True royalty must be in possession of both a tender back and the ability to shop for the perfect mattress.... more

The Bed Sheets Thread Count Guide

People spend about one third of their life snuggled under the covers of their bed, so many want the most comfortable experience they can get. They get that comfort by... more

Tips for Childproofing Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a place filled with the sweet aromas of dinner, and happy memories of baking cookies with mom, but it also harbors a multitude of dangers for small... more

How to Fix the Different Types of Faucets

In some places, the sound of dripping water is a form of torture, and that translates to sleepless nights at home when the faucets begin to leak. Leaky faucets not... more

How to Patch a Hole in Drywall

Holes happen. Holes in the wall can range from the size of a pinhole to a large section that has been damaged by water or cut for home repairs. Many people will try to... more

Tips for Buying Dining Room Furniture on a Budget

The dining room can be a focal point of home décor and is often used for more than just family meals, but finding the right furniture can be difficult on a... more

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