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6 Tips on How to Design an Elegant Dining Room on a Budget

The dining room is not only where you and your family share meals and quality time, it's the main venue when it comes to throwing parties and entertaining guests. It... more

6 Tips for Decorating Your Kitchen Cabinets

Remodeling a Kitchen is one of the most expensive and time consuming projects a DIY home designer can undertake. One of the biggest expenses is reworking the cabinetry... more

6 Simple Solutions for Organizing on a Budget

Walking into a messy house at the end of a long day can be just as stressful as trying to find the time to clean it. However, there are easy ways to ditch the clutter... more

Design an Exercise Room You’ll Want to Run To!

Let's face it - it's tough to find the motivation to exercise. Regardless of how much energy you have, how comfortable your new sneakers are, or how great you want to... more

Mudroom Decorating Ideas & Tips

Mudrooms aren't your typical room. They're an odd size-small, but not quite small enough to be just a laundry room. They're an entrance, but not one you want people to... more

Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

We're in an age of great innovation, and with great innovation come great new ideas for home decoration and renovation. One of the most challenging aspects of home... more

Girls’ Room Decorating Ideas

As a parent, you may envision your little girl's room to be sugar and spice and everything nice. But truth be told, not all little girls fantasize about sleeping in a... more

How to Plan the Perfect Birthday Party

Who doesn't love a birthday party? You're showered with gifts, filled with cake and ice cream, and surrounded by your loving friends and family. However, when it comes... more

Baby Bedroom Decorating and Design Ideas

Baby bedroom decorating and design is an interesting endeavor. The room you are decorating is intended for your expectant child, but you are really designing it for... more

8 Tips on How to Decorate a Loft

A loft apartment is similar to a loft in a normal home in that it is an open space directly under the roof of the building. Loft apartments are typically large, open... more

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