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Japanese Dining Room Design Ideas

It’s easy to be seduced by the subtle and exotic elements that represent Japanese design. Whether your interest stems from a love of Japanese artwork or architecture... more

Fall Tailgate Party Ideas & Tips

Break out the beer and the giant foam finger: tailgating season has arrived. America is crazy about football and crazy about parties. When you combine the two, you get... more

How To Create A Japanese Garden Design

There's nothing quite like a well-groomed garden. One of the great things about having outdoor space connected to your home is being able to retreat to your own little... more

How To Prevent & Get Rid Of Termites

If you're a homeowner, you've probably tirelessly researched and prepared for any crisis or emergency that could devastate your home. From natural disasters to fires,... more

Chemical vs. Natural Insecticide Remedies

So, you've got a bit of a bug problem? There are plenty of steps you can take to rid your home of the pesky creatures, but you don't want to start bug-bombing until... more

DIY Halloween Costumes For Pets

Halloween is around the corner, and it's time to break out the oversized bags of candy, packages of cobweb decorations, and the dog treats? Household pets are becoming... more

How To Choose Living Room Paint Colors To Create Moods

Remember that old mood ring you used to wear? It would turn a soft green when you were calm, brilliant red when you were in love, deep black when you were brooding.... more

How To Convert An Attic Into Livable Space

So, the time has come to add some extra living space to your home. There are a ton of options at a time like this. You could add an extra room, but that is expensive.... more

Easy Decorating Ideas For A Relaxing Home

In an age of countless electronic distractions, mountains of clutter, and seemingly zero time to keep track of it all, it doesn't take much for your home to become a... more

Design A Pet Friendly Living Room

Having a pet in your home is one of the most rewarding and comforting things you can do. They're cute, cuddly, playful, and can often lift your mood when no human... more

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