Emelie Battaglia

Emelie Battagila is a contributing writer for Idealhomegarden.com

Articles by Emelie Battaglia

Tips for Outdoor Decorations on a Budget

The key to an enjoyable space is the ability to relax and enjoy it. And it can be hard to relax when you know you just spent a fortune on your décor. After all,... more

10 Cheap & Easy Winterizing Tips

Every winter, you stack up credit card balances on gifts, meals and transportation. But the real money pit is your utility bill. With temperatures at their lowest and... more

6 Quick Tips on How to Fix a Faucet

Sink and tub faucets seem to enjoy making our lives difficult. Aside from the common leak, they come with a plethora of issues that can make you miserable. Luckily for... more

When Recycling Is Bad: 5 Things to Not Recycle

The most common environmental mistake that people make, possibly the most environmentally UN-friendly act, is over-recycling. (Yes, there is such a thing.)... more

DIY Area Rug: Add Your Own Textile Design

Patterned rugs are becoming increasingly popular for home decor. Stores like Urban Outfitters and Madeline Weinrib have been leading the way in introducing faded... more

9 Simple & Creative Reuses For A Gift Card

Reuse the gift that keeps on giving! Here are some great ideas on how to reuse that plastic gift card. more

A Guide To Wall Sconces For Lighting

Wall sconces make any room a bit more stylish. Learn more about the types available, their functionality and common uses. more

Hot Tubs

A Guide to Understanding Hot Tubs Cheesy movie references aside, hot tubs are a hot item. Whether manufactured or home-made, hot tubs act as a small pool full of... more

Outdoor Refrigerators

Having an outdoor refrigerator is very helpful in these setups. They allow users to store their perishables or drinks in an outdoor area, preventing them from having... more

Snow Blowers

Clearing the snow from your property is not only an aesthetic issue, but also a safety issue. Get rid of the ice with your very own snow blower. Read on to learn all... more

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