Leah Gillis

Leah Gillis

Leah Gillis has worked for several major news outlets, as well as a television series on home buying and decor. Having grown up in New England, she has lived in New York City, Los Angeles and Milan. When not trying to get a great deal, she is often found reading something, writing something or talking to someone.

Articles by Leah Gillis

Remove Mold & Mildew In Your Home

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), mold is a part of our natural environment - but that doesn't mean we want it to run amuck in our... more

Southwestern Kitchen Design Ideas

A warm, inviting style, Southwest kitchens enable you to blend typical kitchen décor items with other decorative pieces usually reserved for outdoor settings.... more

Earth Day Activities For Adults

There are a number of ways people get involved on Earth Day, either by planting a tree, cleaning up litter or changing out harmful light bulbs in their home. No act is... more

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Centerpieces & Table Décor

St. Patrick's Day is a tradition for everyone - families, friends and non-Irish alike. Since you’ll probably include traditional St. Patrick’s Day foods... more

Essential Winter Car Accessories You Need

It’s important to prepare your car for the seasons’ change. Not only do the cold temperatures, snow and frost pose a threat to the outside of your car, but your... more

Romantic Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Sometimes creating a feeling like romance into decorating a room can be a bit intimidating. Often, when people try to create romance, they can end up making it too... more

Easy Thanksgiving Salad Recipes

Thanksgiving meals usually include turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and other traditional items. But, adding a salad is a great way to include not only more... more

5 Tips For Thanksgiving Dinner Savings

Thanksgiving dinner is a time to gather with friends and family and enjoy a feast of different foods while being thankful for all you have. There is a way to enjoy the... more

Gross & Dangerous Bacteria In Your Home

Around 100 years ago, infectious disease was one of the leading causes of death. By the late 1990’s, deaths from infectious diseases had dropped dramatically,... more

Rustic Lodge Dining Room Design Ideas

How great is it to get away to a cozy lodge for a weekend to enjoy nature, the outdoors and a warm hearth? A great way to have that feeling in your home and get to... more

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