Matthew Cenzon

Matthew Cenzon

Matthew Cenzon has been writing for numerous publications since 2003, covering topics ranging from health and nutrition to the real estate industry. He is one of the contributing writers for, and is a college graduate of the University of California, Riverside, with degrees in English and Asian literature. Matthew’s interest in interior design and home improvement stem from his background working in the residential real estate appraisal business for over five years, where he witnessed many of the Do's and Don'ts of home decor.

Articles by Matthew Cenzon

How to Solve Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems

Bathroom plumbing problems can range from a minor annoyance, like a faucet that drains slowly, to a major issue, like a busted main water pipe that causes your house... more

5 Steps for Drying Out a Wet Cell Phone

If you've become a victim of this common, short circuit dilemma, then read on to discover the necessary steps for drying out a wet cell phone. more

5 Organic Gardening Tips for Beginners

Organic gardening is based on the same principles of organic farming, utilizing natural techniques and methods and strictly limiting the use of any manufactured... more

3 Projects to Do for Your Dad on Father's Day

Don't buy the tie! There's no need for your standard go-to Dad's Day gift this year. Try one of these simple projects as a Father's Day present.  Garage Clean-up... more

Hanging Pictures On Drywall: A How To Guide

Hanging pictures on drywall seems like a simple task: hammer a nail into a wall, hang the picture on the nail, and make sure everything is straight. Unfortunately,... more

Things To Know Before Car Maintenance

Car maintenance is crucial for avoiding costly repairs in the future. Tune-ups, oil changes, belt replacement and flushing your cooling system might seem expensive... more

DIY Spray Foam Insulation Application

Insulation is very important to the home. It provides resistance to heat flow, which will help keep the heat inside during the winter, and the heat outside during the... more

Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas & Tips

Need ideas on what you need for your kids' bedroom? Check out tips, ideas and resources that will help you decide where to shop and what costs to expect. more

Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas & Tips

Help make your teens room cool and trendy. Find resources that will help you decide what would work best for their teen needs. more

Tips on How to Choose Colors for Your Bedroom

The bedroom is where most people spend a majority of their time when they are at home. It should be a place of peace, a place for rest and a place to relax in.... more

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