Michelle Ullman

Michelle Ullman

Michelle Ullman has lived and gardened in Southern California since childhood. A freelance writer, she covers topics ranging from gardening to home improvement to health issues. She also has experience as a catalog copywriter and poet. Michelle has trained and worked as a respiratory therapist and surgical technologist, but prefers to spend her time gardening, and walking with her dog. Michelle holds a Bachelor's Degree from Redlands University in Business Management. 

Articles by Michelle Ullman

Painting Mason Jars

At one time, Mason jars came in a range of colors, including blue, green, amber and milky white. Today, the jars are only produced in clear glass, and antique, colored... more

Easy Mason Jar Terrariums

There’s something irresistible about a terrarium, with plants tucked safely away behind glass in a little, humid world of their own. Though a traditional glass... more

Create An Indoor Moss Garden

Moss has a woodland, natural appeal that brings to mind a walk through a green, misty forest. You can bring that same look inside your home by planting a moss garden.... more

Bento Box Lunch Ideas

“Bento” is a Japanese word meaning “convenient” and refers to a single-serve, usually home packed meal, often beautifully arranged in a box... more

Metal Polishing Guide

Keep your best serving trays, bowls, jewelry, candlesticks and other formal pieces shiny and sanitized by polishing each metal the right way. How To Polish Silver... more

Whole Home Redecorating On A Budget

Though glossy decorating magazines are full of expensive home makeovers that cost a fortune, you can actually go pretty far in redecorating your home without a big... more

What Kind Of Dorm Mate Do You Have?

Moving away to college is the start of a whole new life. It’s an exciting change, but living away from home for the first time can be intimidating, and leaving... more

Mason Jar Lighting Ideas

Turn ordinary mason jars into beautiful indoor and outdoor lighting with craft ideas from Ideal Home Garden more

Mason Jar Wedding Craft Ideas

It’s hard to say whether it’s the simple, vintage style, or the rustic, casual feel of Mason jars that gives them so much romantic flair, but either way,... more

Host An Olympics Theme Party

If you love sports, competition, or just want a great excuse for a party during the summer, an Olympics-themed celebration is a great way to get friends together,... more

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