Michelle Ullman

Michelle Ullman

Michelle Ullman has lived and gardened in Southern California since childhood. A freelance writer, she covers topics ranging from gardening to home improvement to health issues. She also has experience as a catalog copywriter and poet. Michelle has trained and worked as a respiratory therapist and surgical technologist, but prefers to spend her time gardening, and walking with her dog. Michelle holds a Bachelor's Degree from Redlands University in Business Management. 

Articles by Michelle Ullman

Rustic Thanksgiving Decorations For Dining Rooms

When the family gathers around the Thanksgiving table, your dining room becomes the most important space in the home, so focus on bringing the feel of harvest, autumn... more

Protect Your Home From Mudslides

A landslide is a general term used for any downhill movement of snow, ice, mud, soil or rocks. Mudslides are mostly mud and water mixed with rocks, and can move fast... more

How to Cook & Eat Artichokes

Artichokes have been enjoyed since ancient times, and are native to the Mediterranean area of Southern Europe. Spanish settlers brought them to the new world in the... more

Emergency Essentials To Always Have on Hand

Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fires, tornadoes… no matter where you live, an emergency can strike without warning, potentially leaving you without... more

Quick Thanksgiving Side Dishes

No need to panic if you suddenly have four more guests coming for Thanksgiving dinner, or you received a last minute invitation to a potluck. Even if you only have 15... more

Eating Out vs Eating at Home: Which Costs More?

Grocery prices have risen an average of 6% over the past year, and it is likely that trend will continue. It’s getting expensive to cook a good meal at home, but... more

Cooking With Coconut Oil: Benefits & Risks

Once reviled for its high fat content, coconut oil has been receiving a second look. The oil of this tropical fruit is unusual in the plant world because it is mostly... more

Best Egg Recipes

Eggs are nutritional powerhouses. They are an excellent source of protein, Vitamin A, potassium, B vitamins and other minerals. Though eggs had a bad reputation for... more

Electrical Power Generators For The Home

A generator is one of those items that most homeowners never think of until the day comes when the power goes out. A local electrical outage or natural disaster can... more

How To Choose A Sink

If you’re replacing a kitchen or bathroom sink, you’ll need to choose between thousands of sink materials, shapes, colors and mounts. Make sure you find... more

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