Roberta Pescow

Roberta Pescow

Roberta Pescow holds a bachelor's degree in communications from City University of New York, Queens College and is a freelance writer and editor in the NJ area. The author of "A Life In The Service" and "A Monster's Tears," she enjoys writing informative articles, personal essays, fiction and music.  Roberta is a proud mother of two. Her other interests include fitness, photography, sculpture and meditation. She is a voracious reader and holds a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwan Do. Roberta enjoys decorating her hectic, but happy home and garden in original and affordable ways.  

Articles by Roberta Pescow

Rustic Halloween Decorations For The Living Room

Decorating your living room for Halloween doesn’t have to turn your rustic décor into something garish and ghoulish. Design a holiday living room that... more

The Cost Of Owning Dogs Vs. Cats

Dogs and cats are both terrific additions to a household. Bringing an animal friend into your life always comes with some expense, however. Compare the average costs... more

Teacup Craft Ideas

Delicate teacups and saucers have amazing potential for lots more than a quiet afternoon tea service. Their colors, sizes and shapes make them a beautiful base for all... more

Mexican Day Of The Dead Decorations

The day of the dead is a centuries old celebration rooted in the beliefs and traditions of the indigenous peoples of Mexico. Rather than viewing death as a taboo and... more

Halloween Crafts For Preschoolers

Preschoolers love arts and crafts, but many popular Halloween art projects are too complex for little hands. Luckily, little ones can still create some adorable and... more

Elegant Halloween Décor Ideas For The Mantel

If your tastes run more toward understated elegance, you’ve still got lots of options for decorating your Halloween mantel in a way that celebrates the holiday... more

Easy Ways To Decorate With Bronze

Warm metallic touches bring coziness and light to home décor. Deep classic bronze is just right for fall and winter decorating, and it’s easy to... more

Steampunk Style Decoration Ideas

The definition of steampunk style takes its name and inspiration from an era when steam was a primary source of power. Steampunk combines elements of Neo-Victorian... more

Decorative Mailbox Ideas

Other than a mailbox having to be three and a half to four feet from the road surface, not many federal restrictions exist for the exact type of mailbox you need to... more

Spooky Halloween Decorations For The Mantel

The fireplace mantle is a prominent feature in any room you find one, making it a prime spot for seasonal decorating. The timeless, almost mysterious look of... more

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