Sara Elliot

Sara Elliot

Sara Elliott is a freelance copywriter and dedicated blogger. Her popular gardening, cooking and crafting blog, The Herb Gardener , was cited by  The Wall Street Journal  for its fun and frugal tips. Sara has a degree in English, and you can find her health, crafting, and lifestyle pieces on sites like,, and

Articles by Sara Elliot

8 Ways to Use Avocados

You don't have to limit your avocado love to the tip of a chip. Avocados are useful ingredients in other delicious recipes, and even in a few useful cosmetic... more

Questions To Ask A Babysitter

You love your kids, but every once and a while you need to get away and recharge your batteries. Before you leave home, job one is making sure your children are safe -... more

How To Use Dry Ice For Halloween

Making spooky fog is an effective visual effect for a Halloween celebration. A roiling caldron, bubbling punch bowl or fog shrouded buffet table can be pretty dramatic... more

5 Ways to Clean Your Oven

Having a clean oven has more value than just being a nice way to welcome your mother-in-law for her annual visit. (You know she'll look.) Baked on grime creates smoky... more

2013 Wedding Trends

Each new year has a distinct wedding ambience and new notions of what constitutes wedding elegance and stylish flair. Take a look at some of 2013’s... more

2013 Spring Wedding Dress Trends

No wedding would be complete without a diva worthy dress with all the trimmings. This year's runways were crowded with gowns as distinctive as the designer names on... more

Earth Day Recipes

Earth Day has become a big event around the world. Why not include yourkidsin the celebration this year by making a few tasty recipes with Earth friendly significance.... more

How to Make a Terrarium for Earth Day

Earth Day comes around once a year, but you can make a big point about how the natural world works, by setting up a terrarium in your home. Terrariums are... more

Memorial Day BBQ Menu Ideas & Tips

You probably have a long-standing family tradition about backyard barbecuing, but pay special attention to safety this year. Once foods are removed from the... more

Memorial Day BBQ Checklist

The trick to grilling great meals for Memorial Day and beyond is good planning. Let's take a look at some tools, decor and other essentials that will make meal prep on... more

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