Sara Elliot

Sara Elliot

Sara Elliott is a freelance copywriter and dedicated blogger. Her popular gardening, cooking and crafting blog, The Herb Gardener , was cited by  The Wall Street Journal  for its fun and frugal tips. Sara has a degree in English, and you can find her health, crafting, and lifestyle pieces on sites like,, and

Articles by Sara Elliot

10 Cool Uses for Tension Rods

How many times have you wanted a quick and easy way to create a decor cover-up or put together a fast, easy and inexpensive organizer? The answer may be hanging in a... more

All About Craftsman Design

Craftsman design style actually refers to a group of architectural styles first made popular in the U.S. between 1905 and 1930. These charming and distinctive home... more

How to Design a Children’s Playroom

Your child may neglect that pricy toy in order to spend time playing with the box it came in, but that doesn't discourage you from indulging him every chance you get.... more

Cubicle Christmas Decoration Ideas

You spend a lot of holiday time at work, so get full value for the season by decking your desk as well as your home in holiday spirit. What could be nicer that adding... more

DIY Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

The crowning glory of any Christmas tree is the topper. In the old days, a tree topper didn't cost much more than an ordinary ornament, but that's not as true today.... more

Winterizing Tips for the Northwest

Let's take a look at a few timely chores that will help make your Northwest home cozier -- and safer -- this winter. When there's frost on the pumpkin -- and on your... more

How to Make an Ice Lantern

Nothing welcomes guests for an evening gathering like a well-illuminated landscape. Imagine a luminary with a candle on the inside and an ice "shade" on the outside.... more

Thanksgiving Facts & History

If you've ever attended (or been part of) a grammar school pageant about the first Thanksgiving, you probably have a pretty good idea that the holiday was inspired by... more

Decorating With Wine Barrels

Did you know that the United States is one of the top five wine producers in the world? There are actually wineries in all 50 states. That includes a few you wouldn't... more

Where Does Coffee Come From?

As you stumble to the table for your first sip of morning coffee, you may not appreciate the complexity of the simple roasted coffee bean. Coffee is produced in over... more

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