Rustic Lodge Bathroom Design & Decorations

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If you live in a rustic mountain home, or simply enjoy this particular design style, creating a rustic lodge bathroom theme is a great way to bring the rugged comfort of these houses into your own living space. Combine wood, iron and warm linens to design your own rustic lodge bathroom.

Colors & Themes

Before selecting and purchasing hardware, flooring, accessories or linens, review the basic colors and themes found in the rustic lodge style.

  • The rustic style is heavily influenced by nature, and typically wild, rugged terrain. The colors and styles of your bathroom fixtures and accessories should evoke the feeling of living in a remote mountain lodge.
  • Stick to warm neutrals for the largest surfaces of your bathroom like the floor, ceiling, countertops and walls.
  • Some good neutral color options for floors, walls and countertops include beige, light to medium brown, goldenrod and rust. Avoid using bright, stark white.
  • For smaller, accent items and surfaces, use darker, nature inspired shades like hunter green, deep blue, and dark red.


This theme uses distinct materials in furniture, light fixtures and décor. When purchasing these items, it is often helpful to visit an online retailer or furniture and home décor store that specializes in rustic lodge designs. The most common materials used in a rustic lodge themed bathroom include:

  • Aged or distressed wood
  • Ironwork
  • Canvas
  • Bronze
  • Unpolished stone

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Lighting is essential in any bathroom, and can help reduce moisture levels in bathrooms without windows. For a rustic themed bathroom, utilize classic materials when purchasing or updating overhead lighting fixtures and lamps.

  • For light fixtures with shades, look for neutral colored canvas, or rawhide with leather ties woven along the bottom edge.
  • Always install dark, weathered iron for light fixtures with metal pieces.
  • If you have a chandelier style overhead light fixture in a larger bathroom, consider checking a home décor store for one made of antlers. These are a popular installation in the rustic lodge theme, and provide as much aesthetic appeal as functional lighting.
  • For lighting installed on the wall just above a large mirror, again use rustic, weathered iron and a neutral colored canvas or glass shade.


Since the vanity is one of the most important features of the bathroom, it's no wonder this item can easily become the rustic statement piece of the room.

  • Select a vanity made of rugged, minimally polished or unpolished wood.
  • Install iron, pewter or bronze drawer pulls, hinges and cabinet handles with a beveled, pounded look.
  • Install a sink basin and faucet in bronze, chrome or pewter, with minimal shine. For a truly nature inspired vanity, consider installing a stone sink basin.
  • If your bathroom already features a large, frameless mirror, a frame can easily be applied. Select wooden planks or large branches that fit the rustic theme, and nail or glue them in place as a frame around the mirror.

Bathtubs & Showers

Even your bath and shower can take on a unique rustic feel with the right faucets and fixtures.

  • Claw foot tubs are a popular addition to rustic bathrooms, and can add an authentic antique appearance to the room.
  • Install bath and showerhead faucets in the same dark, worn metal used on the sink faucet and fixtures.
  • Install a copper or cast iron bathtub for added style over traditional ceramic or plastic options.
  • Large showerheads designed to mimic rainfall add to the naturally inspired décor and feel of the bathroom.
  • If you are interested in remodeling your bathroom, consider having a ceiling showerhead faucet installed. Mimicking a waterfall, this style of faucet rains water from a spout in the ceiling, which falls into the shower stall below.
  • Rather than traditional tile in a shower stall, use dark, natural stone. Avoid shiny, polished stones like marble, and opt for slightly rougher (and less slippery) options.


Adding the final touch to your rustic lodge bathroom includes key accessories in weathered and worn condition, combined with warm and comfortable linens.

  • Keep large, plush bath and hand towels on iron, bronze or pewter rings near the sinks and shower or bath. Use towels in beige, brown, green or blue shades.
  • For added comfort and slip protection, purchase bath mats in matching or contrasting shades to the towels (blue and brown, beige and green, etc.)
  • Hang photos or illustrations of rugged landscapes and wildlife on the walls in antique wooden frames.
  • Install rough wooden shelving to hold towels, photos and collectibles.
  • If the size of your bathroom permits seating, include a wooden bench or rocking chair made of uncut and lightly polished wooden branches.
  • Hang a small set of antlers on the wall.
  • Place wooden sculptures of pine trees, deer, bears and other wildlife on shelves, the vanity, or the floor if large enough.
  • Use cut branches as candleholders throughout the room.
Last Updated: November 14, 2012
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