Luxurious Home Spa Bathroom Design

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The spa atmosphere evokes feelings of relaxation, peace and purity. It is carefully designed to create the optimal atmosphere for clients to release tension and enjoy the luxuries of fine linens, beautiful flowers and decadent treatments. If you can't escape to the spa, why not create this experience in your very own bathroom? Use this guide to design, stock and decorate your very own spa bathroom at home.

Walls, Counters and Floors

Begin to create your home spa with the foundation of your bathroom, the walls, counters and floors. Depending on your budget, this can either mean total renovation, adding a few simple touches, or anything in between.

Moderate Budget Additions

  • Repaint walls to match your desired mood. Soft colors like white, beige, blue, tan and yellow encourage relaxation, while rich, dramatic colors like deep red, black, purple and dark blue evoke luxury. Spas often use colors to induce specific moods, a trick which is easily replicated at home.
  • Wallpaper is another quick way to enhance the look of your bathroom walls. Stick to subtle patterns and designs for a more relaxing feel, or bold, ornate wallpaper designs for a lavish, elegant room.
  • Add new bath mats and rugs in soft, luxurious fabrics to cushion you as you step out of the bathtub or shower, and while standing at the bathroom counter. Rugs can help distract from unattractive flooring, provide comfort, prevent slips on wet floors and guard against freezing tile on cold winter days.

Ready for Planting

Large Budget Renovations

  • Remove existing flooring and replace with elegant wood, marble, granite, travertine, slate or limestone flooring to mimic those found in spa and resort bathrooms.
  • Use specialty paint, or specialty paint finish to create unique wall colors like metallic gold, silver or bronze, or a high gloss finish to make the paint appear shiny.
  • Add texture to the paint to create a multidimensional wall surface.
  • Install windows beside bathroom counters, bathtubs and along the top of shower stalls to increase natural lighting and the feeling of spaciousness.
  • Replace counter-tops with granite or marble

Bath, Shower, Sink and Toilet

The main fixtures of your bathroom, shower, bathtub, sink and toilet can make or break the spa experience. Unfortunately, bathroom appliances don't come cheap, and can typically only be replaced on a larger budget. Thankfully, accessories and décor help enhance your bathroom without these large additions, however, should you consider a major renovation, install some of the following:

  • A whirlpool bathtub, recreating the luxury of a jet-filled spa right at home.
  • Heated toilet seats.
  • Motion sensor operated toilet lids.
  • In-toilet embedded deodorizers.
  • Sinks made of mosaic tile, bronze, marble, porcelain, stone, copper or glass in a variety of shapes.
  • Double sinks in the bathroom counter.


Even small touches like fixtures make a big difference in transforming your home bathroom into a spa-like experience. Replacing your fixtures in a material and style that compliment your wall and floor coloring, as well as any room theme you may have selected, will ensure the continuity of style seen in beautifully designed spas. Install the following:

  • Sink faucets in stainless steel, bronze, copper, chrome or pewter. Select a faucet design and material that reflects the style of the rest of your bathroom.
  • Drawer pulls, towel bars, cabinet knobs and wall mounted light fixtures in a metal matching the faucets.


Décor is the easiest addition to create a spa bathroom, and enables even the smallest budget bathroom remodels to imitate the tranquil atmosphere of a luxurious spa. The following are near necessities for any spa bathroom:

  • Candles in your favorite scent. Vanilla, lavender and sage are frequently used for their calming effects.
  • Decorative candle holders, hurricane glasses, lanterns and sconces to enhance the candles' stylistic effect.
  • Paintings and photos of peaceful landscapes or architecture to promote relaxation.
  • Ferns, orchids, lilies or various other potted plants or vases of flowers to add color and life to the bathroom.
  • Soft, luxurious bath towels, hand towels and washcloths in shades that complement the wall and floor color.
  • A comfortable chair, bench or chaise lounge depending on the available space. Place pillows and throw blankets on top for a relaxing rest while getting ready in the morning, or before going out at night.

Whether you make large or small adjustments to your bathroom, it is easy to replicate the soothing, peaceful environment of a spa. Using soft linens, scented candles, relaxing colors and decorative metal fixtures and faucets all contribute to the transformation. Replace what you can, stick within a color scheme and remember to use what makes you happy and relaxed.

Last Updated: November 16, 2012
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