How To Decorate Your Bathroom With Bright Colors

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Colorful Bathroom Essentials

The basic components of your bathroom- the tub, shower, countertop, sink and toilet, play a huge role in creating the color scheme for your room. If you're looking to brighten your bathroom, you can either make a strong color statement with these fixtures themselves, or choose neutral shades that will complement your brightly colored accents. Depending on your budget you may want to try:

  • Replacing: New sinks, countertops, toilets, tubs and showers come in an amazing array of colors and materials these days. Buy anything from sunny yellows to vibrant blues and greens for a bathroom that comes alive with color. Some manufacturers are even offering bold, patterned sinks and countertops that feature colors including tropical turquoise, rain forest greens and sunset oranges.
  • Re-glazing: A more affordable way to get brightly colored fixtures is to change the color of your existing ones through re-glazing. Since many professionals offer custom colors, you can truly have a tub or sink in any color you love.
  • New toilet seat: If you don't want to replace or re-glaze your toilet, you can give it a brighter look by simply changing the toilet seat to a brightly colored one.
  • New shower curtain: The least expensive way to brighten your bathing area is with a lively new shower curtain.
  • Lighted showerheads and faucets: For an interesting twist, "color" the water in your sink or shower with L.E.D. neon-lit showerheads and faucets. Your water will appear to glow in dramatic blue, green, lavender, red or yellow.

Vintage Lighting Vintage Lighting Vintage Lighting

Using Your Walls To Brighten Your Bathroom

Walls are another great place to bring vibrant color to your bathroom with:

  • Brightly painted walls, or dramatic trim on gently colored walls
  • New tiles in a single bright color, geometric pattern, or mosaic
  • Hanging mirrors with bright frames that fit your color scheme
  • Framed art prints and posters with lively color

Bringing Floors to Life with Color

Set or compliment your color scheme using the bathroom floor area. Replacing your existing dull flooring with new bathroom tile brightens your whole bathroom. The available palette is extensive with colors such as kiwi green, pacific aqua or intense tomato red.

If your time and budget don't permit replacing your bathroom floor, you can still revitalize this area with washable throw rugs in just about any color, theme or pattern.

Windows: Color with a Breath of Fresh Air

Windows invite bright color to bathrooms by framing a living picture of vibrant blue sky, warm green earth and friendly sunshine. To enhance the effect, or if your bathroom view isn't quite so idyllic, you can try:

  • Bright new curtains,blinds or shades
  • Stained glass panels
  • Sun catchers

Brightening Vanities And Cabinets

Like your walls, vanities and cabinets can be painted in bright color for a bold look, or in mild color with bright accents for a more subtle effect. The easiest way to add a splash of color to this area is by replacing your cabinet and drawer pulls. Some pull materials that might work for you include:

  • Faceted sparkling colored glass and plastic
  • Smooth colored transparent or translucent glass or plastic
  • Intense opaque colored plastic
  • Painted wood or ceramics

To compliment your specific bathroom theme, you might like pulls that are shaped like seashells or sea life, flowers or plants and just about any animal.

Bathroom Seating

If you have room for additional bathroom seating, this presents another chance to make your room more colorful. Try a brightly colored chair, couch or bench, or perhaps accent dark or neutral seats with bright throw pillows.

Accessories to Liven up Your Bathroom

The quickest and least expensive way to decorate with bright colors is with new bathroom accessories. Here are a few colorful accessories you may want to have in your bathroom:

  • Towels: Choose bright, bold bath towels, hand towels and washcloths in either a single shade or colors that complement each other.
  • Tissue box: Turn your tissue box into a decoration with a solid colored or patterned tissue box cover.
  • Garbage pail: You may be surprised at the variety of attractive bright, colorful garbage pails for sale.
  • Sink area: Even brushing your teeth can be colorful with the right toothbrush holder, bathroom cup and soap dispenser.
  • Fresh flowers: A vase of delicate flowers introduces some of the most beautiful colors designed by nature to your bathroom.
  • Shelving: Install or paint brightly colored shelving, and display attractive, colorful items.

A Room You'll Want To Visit

Whether you want to make a few small changes or do a major renovation, decorating your bathroom bright color will transform your bathroom into a happy retreat.

Last Updated: September 7, 2011
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