Bedroom Decor On A Budget: Spring Decorating Ideas

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Want to brighten your bedroom for spring without spending a fortune? With a few easy touches, your bedroom will bloom without breaking the bank.

How To Decorate Your Bedroom For Spring: Colors, Themes & Space

Bringing a feeling of spring to your bedroom boils down to incorporating some basic aspects of the season. None of these need be expensive, and some won't cost you anything at all:

  • Color: Introduce colors of the spring landscape such as the gentle greens of young, emerging plants, the pale pink, yellow or lavender petals of the season's first flowers and the clear soft blues of a spring morning sky.
  • Themes: Include flowers, birds, butterflies, romance and other spring themes in your bedroom fabrics and accessories. If you've got winter themed pictures, decorations or bedding, you may want to store these items out of sight until next year. Check out these bedroom themes for more inspiration:
  • Space:One of the most striking things about spring (in addition to the much needed warmth) is a sense of airiness and open space after being cooped up inside during the long winter months. Clearing away any unnecessary clutter and rearranging your furniture to create a more open floor plan will help achieve this effect without spending a penny. As temperatures warm, simply opening your windows to bring in some fresh, fragrant air enhances your light, spring atmosphere.
Bedroom Decor On A Budget: Spring Decorating Ideas at Ideal Home Garden Bedroom Decor On A Budget: Spring Decorating Ideas at Ideal Home Garden

Budget Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

Spring is all about the bright, inviting outdoors, and your windows are literally the gateway to the reawakened landscape. Create an inexpensive, airy spring look for your windows with:

  • Homemade or inexpensive sheer or semi-sheer curtains: Light, sheer fabrics dance almost weightlessly on spring breezes.
  • Bright spring toppers and valances: Make your own from colorful fabrics you've already got at home including scarves, shawls or even cloth napkins.
  • If you do want to try and make your own window treatments, see No Sew Window Treatment Ideas.

Any dark, heavy drapery you've got on your windows can really drag down your spring design. Consider putting winter window treatments away until next year. If you really need your thick window covers for privacy or to create darkness for sleeping, be sure to at least pull drapes fully open during the day to keep the room feeling as bright and spacious as possible.

Spring Bed Décor

Changing the look of your bed dramatically changes the look of your bedroom in just a few minutes, and you've got lots of affordable options for giving your bed a spring face-lift:

  • Spring themed or colored bedding: Lots of beautiful and affordable, quality bedding is available at outlet stores, shopping clubs and white sales.
  • Throws: If a whole new bedding set isn't in your budget, consider using a colorful, inexpensive spring throw as a bedspread.
  • Throw pillows and neck rolls: These little accents add fresh pops of color and texture to your bed.
  • Bed skirts: Try a crisp, pale, solid cotton skirt or one made from white eyelet cotton and ruffles. You can even make your own bed skirt from any large enough rectangular piece of fabric.
  • To learn more about the various types of bedding, see The Complete Guide To Bedding.
  • Headboards: Brighten your existing headboard by painting or refinishing it. If you need a new headboard, try making your own from recycled household items such as pillows, an old door, used window frames, a garden trellis, fencing, folding screens, quilts, tapestries, framed photos or even old flooring. For more DIY headboard ideas, see Creative DIY Headboard Ideas.
  • Canopies and other covers: A sheer white or pastel canopy, bed tent or bed curtain lends a fresh, romantic spring feel to your bed. Many of these are very affordable and surprisingly easy to put up.

Spring Wall Décor Ideas For The Bedroom

Your bedroom walls can fit right into your spring design with these easy ideas:

  • Add a fresh coat of paint in spring colors like pale pink, yellow, blue or green.
  • Replace existing artwork with spring-themed prints, wall hangings and paintings. Take your own photos of your garden or favorite park, print them out and hang them up to save on the cost of expensive art work.
  • Brighten the frames on existing wall art by either painting or refinishing the wood in lighter finishes and spring colors. If you see frames at thrift stores or flea markets whose style you like, but not the color, simply paint the frame the color you want it, and you’ve instantly created a custom frame for less.

Ceilings and Floors

Don't forget the top and bottom of your bedroom during your spring makeover. Here are a few ways to get your floor and ceiling into the spring spirit:

  • Throw down some bright or light area rugs.
  • Refinish a dark wood floor in a lighter tone.
  • Add a breezy ceiling fan.
  • Create your own blue-sky fresco on the ceiling, complete with white fluffy clouds and bird silhouettes.

Bedroom Furniture

You don't need to spend a fortune on a whole new spring bedroom set. Lighten up existing furniture by:

  • Painting it a fresh spring shade
  • Stripping dark wood stains and replacing them with a natural or lighter finish
  • Applying stencils or wallpaper for bright accents
  • Installing fresh, new cabinet and drawer pulls.

Little Touches that Bring Big Spring Changes

A few inexpensive accents and accessories will really tie your spring bedroom design together. Here are a few easy ideas for bedroom accessories that may work for you:

  • A vase or white china bowl filled with fresh flowers
  • A pretty green plant
  • Pastel, pale or floral lamp shades
  • Spring themed lamp shade liners
  • A brightly colored organizer tray for your nightstand
  • A vase of branches with decorative faux birds and eggs
  • Bright throws to cover your seating
  • Colorful scarves and shawls for pillow accents, dresser/nightstand toppers or across the foot of the bed
  • Ribbon to create spring trims
  • Pretty spring outlet covers and switch plates.

Springtime Bedroom Scents

Enhance the spring atmosphere of your bedroom inexpensively by adding some fresh scents. Try essential oils, scented candles or potpourri. You can even perfume your sheets. Some great spring scents include:

  • Floral fragrances such as hyacinth and lilac
  • Fruits including citrus and berries
  • Fresh mint fragrances.

Open the windows, let the clean, sunny breeze drift in and enjoy your fresh, spring retreat without spending a fortune.

Last Updated: February 28, 2012
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