Bedroom Decorating Tips For Babies & Toddlers

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You can easily design a fun, safe and functional bedroom for your baby or toddler by using this design guide for the best decorations, bedding, color themes and more. Create a sanctuary for you and your child to enjoy with soothing patterns, engaging play areas and all the necessary safety precautions to ensure your kids have the bedroom of their dreams.


For babies and preschoolers, you will need to focus upon safety. Make sure that the room is "baby-proofed," paying close attention to outlets, heavy furniture, bookcases, and keep-out spots. If your toddler's room has an attached bathroom, make sure that you keep the door closed. If that doesn't work, you can consider installing a baby gate to keep your child safe from all the dangerous things in the bathroom.

Protect your toddler from hurting fingers or bumping heads on a table or desk with drawer latches. When your child is learning to walk, make sure that you get some table edge guards to keep kids safe from bumped heads and falls.

You may want to invest in carpeting or big, soft rugs for babies and toddlers who are prone to falling down. Don't go for the fancy stuff: your kids will probably spill other stuff like art supplies, food, or drinks. You can do your best to keep things clean, but when it comes to kids, some mess is inevitable. Expect it. Save the expensive and fancy décor (like hardwood floors) for when the kids are old enough to help with chores and clean up after themselves.


Tiny eyes and soft skin are sensitive to bright sunlight. Cold weather may make your child sick. Keep your nursery's climate under control with baby curtains and black-out panels to keep the cold and bright sunlight away. During naptime, you can easily darken the room and block out noises from outside. With layered curtains, you can give your baby's functional room a comfortable and charming feel.

Be careful that your curtains are not too low. When your toddler is learning to walk, she may grab on to them, potentially pulling everything down. If you can't find curtains in a short-to-medium length, or if you have a window (or toddler) that's on the taller side, consider blinds instead. If you have a door that slides open to a patio, consider decorating with blinds instead.

Play Areas

Babies and toddlers need a place to hang out - what good is a bedroom where a kid can't play safely? Set up some safe play areas including a playpen with a play mat and a couple of other toys. Worry-free entertainment is great for kids and parents.

It's inevitable that most children will end up drawing on the walls at some point. Why not let your child embrace the urge with chalkboard paint or temporary magnetic paint? If you allow your toddler a space for any of these let-loose activities, make sure that she knows where it is and isn't appropriate to draw. This is one activity that you will want to keep under tight control.

Personalize The Décor

At a young age, toddlers are learning a sense of identity. Get some wooden letters, paint them, and add some glitter. Glue them to a ribbon, and hang them up. Embroider your child's name into sheets, pillows, blankets, and other bedding. The stuff will be cute for the moment and great for a scrapbook or memory box when they are older.

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Cribs & Bedding

It takes time to find the right crib - and rightfully so. Your baby's bed needs to be a safe place that you can trust. Look for a crib with an adjustable mattress that you can raise or lower when your child is learning to sit. Get a crib with small spaces between the slats so that your baby does not get his head stuck anywhere. Make sure that the mattress fits the frame so that your baby does not get stuck anywhere when she moves around.

For an investment that lasts, get a convertible crib that will evolve with the stages of your child's life. Research the parts that you will need when you eventually convert the bed, and consider buying them ahead of time in case the crib is upgraded to a new model. Convertible cribs can transform into a twin sized or full sized bed, so your toddler will have plenty of sleeping space.

If you get your toddler a small bed, make sure that it is low enough to the ground so that she can easily climb in and out of it. Line the bed's edges with bumpers so that your child won't take any tumbles to the ground in the middle of the night. Keep one edge of your toddler's bed against the wall, and for safety and health purposes, keep your child's bed away from the window.


Young children love bright colors, pictures, and artwork. Don't create a room that's dark with absolutely no visual elements for your child. Nonpermanent design options include bright wallpaper, a bright accent wall in a color like green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, or pink, and a wall mural with a beautiful design or picture. Big posters are good options for people who are renting a home or who would prefer to leave the walls a neutral color.

If you do not want to replace your carpet, consider a fun rug in the shape of an animal or board game. Some rugs can function as interactive toys. For example, some have cartoon rugs which are a blast for playing with cars.Think cartoons and clocks in fun shapes, stuffed animals, doll houses, and fun books.When it comes to décor, you can go all out, especially if you keep yourself on a tight budget. The basic furniture can remain the same, and the décor can evolve with your children's stages of development.

Just make sure that whatever you buy conforms to your childproofing objectives. Heavy items and small items can injure a child. As you probably know, children are naturally curious, so if you don't want them grabbing something, be sure to keep it out of reach.

Last Updated: February 5, 2012
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