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What Is A Bedroom Suite?

You may recognize the term "bedroom suite" from your hotel stays. When you stayed in a regular room, you had access to a bed, dresser, cabinet, desk, and bathroom to provide you with the basic amenities while you were away from home. When you stayed in a suite, you had so much more: an entertainment center, a few couches, a work center, and attached room where you could comfortably hang out and host parties.

In contrast to a basic bedroom, a suite is a place where you can do so much more than just sleep and get ready for work. Imagine a luxurious space with comfortable couches, a high-definition television, and large windows with a beautiful view. Now, imagine this room in a context other than a hotel - in a bedroom, for example-in your bedroom.

If you're lucky enough to have a medium to large bedroom, you will have enough space include more than just the basics of a bed, dresser, and shelving unit. You can set up couches, work areas, and entertainment centers for a luxury suite.

If you spend a lot of time hanging out in your bedroom, you may want to consider converting your space into a suite. This type of design is practical, functional, and luxurious. You'll want to spend hours in your bedroom area, and if you have roommates, your suite might even become a hangout spot. You've invested substantial time and money into your home, so why not love it even more? After all, you do live there.

Suite Designs

Suites aren't right for every household. In some homes, the rooms are too small, and in others, where people spend more time in common areas, suites do not make sense.

Suites do make sense in large homes where the residents spend significant time in their bedrooms. If you rent out a room to a tenant, for example, you may want to design a suite as an all inclusive living space with a bathroom and kitchenette, if possible. With this type of arrangement, you may be able to charge higher rates for rent, and you will be able to give your tenant autonomy. If your kids share a bedroom, you may want to give them a suite with an entertainment center so that they have their own space. Finally, you can reclaim your living room as a clean and relaxing space for adults.

how to decorate a bedroom suite ideal home garden how to decorate a bedroom suite ideal home garden


In some homes, suites are part of the overall architecture. Your home may include several bedroom suites with an attached bathroom. Usually, these homes are rare, large, and expensive. The more likely scenario is that your home includes only one bedroom suite - the master bedroom.

Typically, household suites have a design that is similar to rooms in hotels. One room is compartmentalized into different sections based on the arrangement of walls and architectural boundaries. Even though suite is technically one bedroom, it may be separated into distinct areas-into an entertainment area and a sleeping area, for example. These types of suites also have attached bathrooms, and sometimes, even a kitchenette with a space for a refrigerator, microwave, and small cooking area. If you do have a kitchenette or bathroom in your suite, make sure that the area is properly ventilated.

Depending on the size of your bedroom, you may be able to convert a regular sleeping area into a suite-you just need a room that is spacious enough. You may need to use room dividers and furniture to improvise a compartmentalized space, or you may decide against dividing the areas of your room and instead, design the area as a loft. No matter your design approach, you need a space that's large enough to comfortably fit everything.

Just image the worst case scenario: if you try to cram a wardrobe, bed, couch, entertainment center, and more into a small bedroom, your space will look crammed and tacky. Furthermore, an overcrowded space won't be a functional place where you will want to spend significant time. You'll feel stressed, and you'll have trouble completing even the most basic tasks since your mobility will be limited. Be economical about your space when deciding whether a bedroom suite is right for your lifestyle and home.


Choose a color scheme based on your room's overall design concept. As a general design principle, choose no more than three or four colors. Otherwise, the room may clash and appear chaotic. Choose bright colors or darker ones-it all depends on the look that you are trying to achieve. In general, if you are designing a room as you would a loft, you will probably want to use brighter and lighter colors. By using darker colors, you may cause crowding in your space, when your goal should be to make the room appear as large as possible.

If you have a loft-style room, you can use color to differentiate your space. For example, you can paint a bright colored accent wall behind your entertainment center to create a subtle division between the section where you sleep and the area where you hang out on the couch.

If your suite is compartmentalized into sections, you can use a color scheme in each different area depended on how isolated the different parts of your room are.

Lighting & Mirrors

If you have a loft-style, spacious bedroom, you will want to make your room as bright as possible. A bright room will help your space appear clutter-free, and bright colors for your furniture, walls, and floors will help you accomplish this objective. Skylights, large mirrors, and sliding doors will help create a brightly lit space throughout the day, and recessed lights enable the dispersion of overhead lighting that is equally bright throughout the room. Use sconces, table lamps, and floor lamps minimally.

If you have a divided bedroom suite, you have more flexibility when it comes to your lighting. You can use more decorative lighting elements like sconces, table lamps, and floor lamps, and you can allow your room to be dimmer. Regardless of the amount of light in your space, make sure that your bathroom and kitchenette areas have bright lighting.

Use the reflective property of wall mirrors and mirrored sliding doors to enhance the dispersion of light throughout the room. A mirror can help your space appear bigger and brighter, especially for a loft design.


Even if your suite is compartmentalized, you should make sure that the different areas of your room coordinate with one another. You can have a little diversity in your décor, but overall, no matter how eclectic your furniture is, it needs to be part of a cohesive design-through unifying elements such as a trend, color scheme, material, or style.

If your suite is part of a loft design, you should make a greater effort to unify the furniture in your room, since the entire space is visible at once. Try to stick to one, and use the same color scheme for your sleeping and hangout areas.

To simplify your search for furniture, showroom sets are available for suites. You may also be able to preview how the room will look online, in a catalog, or in the store.

Last Updated: March 9, 2012
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