Boys’ Bedroom Decorating Ideas & Tips

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Decorating boys' bedrooms may seem challenging and fun at the same time. Whenever you are decorating a child's bedroom, you have to take into account that their bedroom serves a different purpose than your bedroom. An adult's bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation; a sanctuary from all the noise and stress of the outside world. For a child, a bedroom is a place to call their own, where they can be themselves and enjoy the things that they love.

Bedroom Decorating Inspiration

When searching for decorating ideas for boys' bedrooms, the best place to start is with the child himself. Think of your boy's favorite hobbies and toys for possible bedroom themes. If you are pondering over possible bedroom colors, think of your boy's favorite colors. Haven't got a clue what your boy's favorite colors are? Try rummaging through his closet and picking out the clothes he enjoys wearing the most. The colors of these clothes are probably his favorites.

The easiest way to get all this information is to talk to your child. Have him participate in the decorating process, and get the exact details of how he'd like to his bedroom to be decorated. You want your boy to enjoy his bedroom, otherwise you may never get him to stay in it, let alone sleep in it.

Boys' Bedroom Decorating Themes

Bedroom themes are a fun way to decorate boys' bedrooms. Common bedroom themes for boys might be cars, sports, outdoors and outer-space. Again, it is important to ask your child what type of bedroom décor he would prefer. Give him a chance to express his own creativity.

Boy Bedroom Boys Bedroom

A helpful tip for using a bedroom theme to decorate your child's room is to avoid getting too detailed and specific. You want to have a little flexibility with the bedroom's décor. An example would be if your boy likes baseball. Avoid a bedroom theme that focuses on a specific team, even if he claims it's his favorite, because one day, he might decide he no longer likes that team and switches to another one. Now you have a bedroom filled with sports memorabilia for a team your boy no longer likes.

Another useful tip would be selecting a bedroom theme your boy can grow up with. Trains may be his favorite thing when he is four, but that can all change when he gets a little older and decides he wants to be an airplane pilot.

Colors for Boys' Bedrooms

Boys can be like little balls of energy, running around, jumping, climbing and constantly playing. Bright and vibrant colors can reflect this energy, and really make your boy's bedroom pop. However, you don't want him bouncing off the walls at all hours of the day. You want your boy's bedroom to be both a playing area and a place of rest. Be as colorful as you'd like on the walls, but tone it down a bit when choosing colors for his bedding and the ceiling. Soothing colors in these areas can help induce sleep.

You'll find that the common colors boys enjoy are fairly reasonable like red, blue, green, orange and yellow. However, there are some instances where a boy can have a favorite color, or colors that you find completely outrageous. If the colors your boy has selected for his bedroom are too much for you to bear, or you can't imagine ever decorating a bedroom in those particular shades on the color wheel, try to soften them with more subtle versions of that color. In the worst case scenario, try using the undesired color on bedding and other bedroom décor that isn't permanent and can be easily changed out if you can no longer stand the sight of it.


Once you've gotten some ideas on themes and colors, you can find the appropriate décor to match it all. The décor doesn't stop at posters, wall art and bedding material. Window treatments, lamps, clocks, chairs and even the bed can be used to match a room theme. You'll be surprised at how many search results you'll find when looking up "car beds."

Boys' Bedroom Safety Tips

Like any other room in the home, you want your boy's bedroom to be a place where he won't hurt himself. Here are a few safety tips for decorating boys' bedrooms:

  • Make sure the bed is the appropriate height, especially if your boy is a restless sleeper.
  • Check the paint and the materials the bedroom furniture is made of for volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Choose durable furniture. Even though you've told him not to jump on the bed, a late night trampoline session is bound to happen.
  • Be mindful of tall furniture. High shelves and cases are an invitation for bedroom climbing. Keeping everything low to the ground will prevent climbing injuries.
  • Cover all electrical outlets with plastic plugs.
  • Install padding on all sharp corners, especially on chests, trunk or drawers that your child could easily bump into.
Last Updated: January 18, 2012
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