Country Bedroom Design Ideas

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The country decorating style is naturally cozy, with a simple, friendly feel created with warm colors, mixed textures and furnishings that have a sense of history. Country is a very popular decorating theme, and for good reason. The look can be personalized to suit anyone’s tastes, it lends itself to both feminine and masculine sensibilities, and the unpretentious, unfussy, open style is welcoming and relaxing.

A country bedroom invites you to curl up in bed with a good book, the cat asleep at your side while the rain gently taps at the window. Country style has an easiness about it that encourages you to let down your guard, making it perfect for creating a bedroom where you can sleep peacefully and awaken refreshed.

Welcome the feeling of the country into your bedroom with the warm colors, roughhewn textures and antique or aged furnishings that are typical of this style.

Country Colors & Decorating Style

Country is amenable to a wide range of colors and personal styles. The only colors that don’t work well in a country design theme are brights, excessive use of pastels, cold grays or lots of black or metallic tones. The key is to keep the color scheme refreshing but tranquil, something easily accomplished with:

  • Neutrals such as cream, tan, white or warm gray
  • Light through midtone browns
  • Soft, buttery yellow
  • Sage green or midtone greens
  • All shades of blue
  • Warm reds
  • Small touches of black

Country Wall, Floor & Window Decoration Ideas

Your bedroom walls will be warm and soothing in any country color, or wallpaper with a pattern of small florals, vines, aged wood or boards, stars or even a small plaid. Window coverings should be light and airy. Sheer curtains are nice with any country style; hang them over a roll-up blind for privacy. Keep your curtains unfussy; excessive ruffles and bows look dated and cluttered.

Wooden floors are the most in keeping with a country style, warmed with an area rug of braided wool, floral pattern or other soft, non-geometric pattern. If your bedroom is carpeted, add an area rug on top to add interest and a touch of rustic décor.

country bedroom ideas country bedroom ideas country bedroom ideas

A country theme relies on used, aged furnishings that look as if they have been well loved. Even if your furnishings are brand-new, they should look as if they have been in use for decades. Although not as eclectic or feminine as shabby chic, the country look is similar in that worn, chipped paint, old fabrics, and mixed patterns all work together to create the welcoming style.

Country Furniture Ideas

Country bedrooms look great with a mix of furniture, but leave the chrome, angular shapes or glass pieces in another room. Country gets warmth and character from wood. Colonial, rustic, or traditional styles all lend themselves to the country theme. Depending on your personal tastes, you might want a matched bedroom set in a midtone brown wood, although the eclectic feel of furniture that complements without matching is very typical for country style decor. Wicker is also a great country look, either painted or natural.

An antique dresser, a farmhouse chest of drawers with an old mirror mounted on top, a small, primitive desk and chair – all of these work in the country bedroom. Armoires are perfect for hiding a television and electronic equipment, or providing an extra area for storing clothes and other belongings. Set an antique trunk or bench at the foot of your bed both for storage and for a place to sit while putting on shoes and socks. Keep things interesting with mismatched, small tables as nightstands.

No country bedroom is complete without a rocking chair or glider. Wicker, worn wood or peeling paint look as comfortable as they feel, and a floral-print cushion makes the chair even more inviting. Toss a throw blanket over the back of your rocker, set a brass or antique floor lamp behind it, place a painted or wicker magazine rack right beside, and you have a perfect spot to sit and read on a lazy weekend morning.

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom so be sure to choose a bed frame that makes a country statement. Four-poster designs or sleigh beds are quintessential country, as are wicker headboards. If you don’t have a headboard, you can create a whimsical country style by using old shutters to highlight the head of your bed. For more DIY headboard ideas, see DIY Headboard Ideas.

Country Bedding Ideas

Your bed is likely the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, so it draws all eyes when entering the room. Make your bed appealingly country, as well as soft and comfortable, with bedding that mixes fabrics and designs. Some musts for a country bed include:

  • Traditional quilt in cheerful colors and designs
  • Bedskirt hanging to the floor
  • Extra throw blanket folded at the foot of the bed
  • Shams with embroidery or textured edging
  • Plenty of extra pillows and toss cushions with a mix of patterns and colors

It’s always worth it to splurge a little bit on quality sheets and bedding. A mattress topper of goose down or memory foam will make your bed even more conducive to a good night’s sleep. You spend a third of your life in bed, so make sure that you are as comfortable as possible while sleeping. For more information on bedding, see The Complete Guide To Bedding.

Country Accessories For Bedroom Decor

While you may think of a country look as a cluttered look, it’s best to keep your accessories under control. Too much clutter in a bedroom not only holds dust and allergens, it also feels overly stimulating. Stick with accessories that are useful or that you love, and particularly look for items that have simple designs, distressed or aged finishes or typical country themes.

Decorate your bedroom with:

  • Simple, wooden framed mirror
  • Thick candles
  • Baskets for holding small items
  • Wooden shelves for displaying collectibles
  • Artwork with country themes of fruit, crows, florals, landscapes, farm scenes or outdoor life
  • Wall sconces
  • Antique lamps
  • Flowers, whether fresh, silk or dried
  • Framed photos of family, friends and treasured moments

Country is one of the most flexible decorating styles, easily tailored to provide just the perfect ambience to make you feel at home. Your country bedroom will welcome you each night and awaken you each morning to a friendly, cozy feel.

Last Updated: May 9, 2012
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