How To Create A Mountain Cabin Bedroom Theme

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Imagine sleeping in a cozy cabin bedroom, with log walls, wood floors, thick, cozy bedding and outside, the sound of wind rustling through the pine trees and far off howling of wolves.

You might not have the woods or the wolves, but you can decorate your bedroom to recreate the rustic, warm, cozy style of a mountain cabin or lodge. Cabin decor is equally appealing to men and women, and combines strong colors and textures with whimsical design elements.


Wood is the heart of the rustic lodge look, creating a color scheme that is deep and warm. Touches of color provide counterpoints to the wood, preventing the brown from being overwhelming.

Your bedroom will come alive with accents of bold, deep colors such as:

  • Navy blue
  • Forest green
  • Black
  • Deep red
  • Mustard yellow

Walls, Floors and Windows

If you are not lucky enough to already be living in a log cabin, you can use paint or wallpaper to provide a similar effect in your bedroom.

Walls painted a soft brown, tan, or even a creamy, warm-based eggshell will give the same natural feeling as wood. You can increase the interest of your bedroom decor by painting the wall behind your headboard a warm, pine green or barn red.

If you always dreamed of living in a log cabin like the house where Laura Ingalls grew up in the book, "Little House in the Big Woods", you can get the look even in your city bedroom with wallpaper that is patterned to look like logs.

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Hardwood or laminate floors continue the wood theme. A distressed, wide-plank design in a medium wood tone will best complement the lodge look.

An area rug in braided wool or a thick, plush rug in deep colors will provide a warm surface for your feet. Make your bedroom floor a walk through the woods with a rug patterned with nature designs like:

  • Grizzly bears
  • Pine trees
  • Moose
  • Elk
  • Pinecones
  • Wildlife footprints

Bedroom windows need coverings for privacy. A pull-down shade keeps the room dark for sleeping, and looks cheerful covered with curtains that add to the rustic charm.

Drapes should be unfussy in design, with simple tab-tops on a wood or brass curtain rod. Designs that work well in a rustic bedroom include:

  • Bold plaids
  • Woodland animals
  • Pine trees or pine cones
  • Canoes or paddles


As the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom, your bed is usually the focal point of your decorating. Slumber in the comfortable style of a rustic cabin with plush bedding that makes a clear statement your heart is in the woods.

Start with a comforter or quilt in deep, bold lodge colors. Wildlife or nature theme designs are always appropriate, or go more subtle with a solid comforter in deep green, navy blue or barn red.

A quilt with a classic design in lodge colors will give your room an authentic look. Traditional quilt designs like bear claw, flower basket, pinwheel or patchwork have a solid look that is especially complementary to the cabin style.

Pamper yourself with good-quality sheets in warm flannel or high-thread-count cotton. Set off your comforter or quilt with sheets in a solid color, or choose a small pattern for interest. Look for simple designs like:

  • Pinecones
  • Stars
  • Dots
  • Stripes

Once your bed is made, soften the look with shams and a few toss pillows with eyelet fabric or ruffles.


Your bedroom furniture should be wood, with a solid, heavy appearance. Go rustic all the way with log frame furniture, including a heavy footboard and headboard constructed of distressed, carved logs, and a dresser and nightstands that look like they were crafted right from the forest.

If you prefer a less primitive look, choose a bedroom set with a finished, but distressed appearance. Your bed should have a heavy frame, complete with headboard and footboard.

A carved wooden trunk at the foot of the bed is a great place to store extra blankets for cold winter nights, or keep a roughhewn bench there for extra seating.

Look for nightstands, dressers or armoires with carving or touches of interest, along with metal, primitive drawer pulls, knobs and hinges.


Have fun with your bedroom accessories. As the furniture and colors in a rustic style room are solid and heavy, your accessories also need to be bold enough to stand out and make a statement.

You can finish off your lodge bedroom with some of the following:

  • Lamps or hanging light fixtures that look as if they are constructed from twigs or antlers
  • Brushed metal finishes on light fixtures
  • Baskets for storage and decoration
  • Potted plants
  • Artwork that reflects themes of wildlife, forest trees, cabins, simple living
  • Thick, pillar candles
  • A collection of wildlife figures, pewter items, pinecones

Rustic decor should be simple, warm and welcoming. Keep the glow of wood predominant, with accents of bold, deep color, and avoid an excess of small, fussy details. Your bedroom will welcome you at night into a peaceful sleep with dreams set in a beautiful forest.

Last Updated: November 20, 2011
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