Cozy Cottage Bedroom Design Ideas

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Creating a comfortable and cozy bedroom that is stylish is the essence of cottage style decorating. The rise in popularity of cottage style décor is synonymous with the lifestyle and needed comfort of many families and working individuals who all consider their home as their haven. When deciding upon decorating a bedroom in a cozy cottage style, every element of the room should exude warmth and comfort including décor, lighting, upholstery, fabrics, furniture and accessories.

  • Choose light colors and warm tones throughout the bedroom including rugs, carpets and flooring.
  • Wooden floors with dory wool rugs in light colors and patterns are pleasant and appealing décor adding a contemporary appeal without being too ornate.
  • Window treatments can be flowing and airy as well as floor to ceiling. Think of using sheers and light cottons in pale colors with wooden plantation blinds as a possibility.

A cozy cottage style bedroom is not as formal as a traditional style because the décor is meant to bring ease and tranquility to the bedroom where a mixture of styles and traditions create an easy and inviting environment.

  • Use white, beige, tan and pale color tones such as light blues and pale yellows and greens for over-sized furniture and bedding with large pillows and downy quilts. This will present an extra feeling of comfort.
  • Adding overflowing dust ruffles to beds will also present a cozy feel. To sink into a bed that is fluffy and soft is quintessential cottage style.
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Ideas to create a cozy cottage bedroom can generate from vintage appeal to chic, modern simplicity. Furnishing, which should be functional and appealing, can incorporate an easy-style appearance through a few key pieces that can also function as needed storage space.

  • Trunks or end of the bed benches in wicker, rattan or light woods will accentuate the light and airy feel of cottage appeal and also include storage space for pillows and quilts.
  • In addition, light colored and simple styled dressers, night tables, dressing tables, stools and other boudoir elements will highlight a cottage appeal too. These items do not have to match but should be blend with other bedroom items for tones and textures.
  • One large-oversized chair and ottoman is an excellent addition to creating a cottage comfort environment.

Fabrics and upholstery can range in colors and textures but adding chintz, toile and floral prints are pleasant and easy styles for a bedroom that evokes cottage style. In addition, simple and plain colors and styles such as sturdy cottons and modest patterns will also enhance a comfortable space in a bedroom through cushions and upholstery.

  • Discovering items through antique stores and estate sales can be great ways to create a unique cottage style bedroom, without spending much.
  • Furniture and lighting fixtures with interesting shapes that are slightly worn can add to cottage themes as well. Flea markets and yard sales are excellent shopping sites for odd items that can be redone or fixed-up for your own cottage style.
  • Décor for a cozy cottage style can range from vintage posters and prints to collectible glass items and old picture frames.
  • Adding plants and vases for cut flowers will add a beautiful, rural touch, while contributing some color to your cottage bedroom scheme. Select flowers often found around country homes, including wildflowers, daisies and sunflowers.

The beauty of creating a cozy cottage style bedroom is the ability to blend styles. Combining traditional items with contemporary looks can be as simple as repainting or stripping an old dresser and adding a distressed modern nightstand for a bedside table or plant stand. A traditional vanity set can be painted in a pale green or light blue to compliment a white and beige bedding set, which can be a light wood bed frame with foot and headboards. New or old, combine furniture pieces void of ornate detailing that evoke images of soft, welcoming rural life.

  • When choosing lighting, select fixtures that are simple and light.
  • Lamps and wall fixtures with modest shades and wiring will add soft light for a comfort.
  • Stay away from heavy and ornate chandeliers as well as dark metals and irons.
  • Silver and gold wall mountings are appropriate for soft light as well as ceramic and interesting lamps and shades depicting rural life.
  • Creating a cozy cottage style bedroom relies on light and comfort. If a dark wood or bright color already exists in your bedroom, brighten up with whites or tone it down with paler shades of the same color scheme.

A cozy cottage style bedroom should be inviting and pleasant—a place where everyone wants to lounge or you retreat to for peace and quiet.

Last Updated: April 10, 2012
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