How to Decorate Your Bedroom For Christmas

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Just about everyone who decorates for the holidays focuses on the living or family room, the entry of the home and the dining room. But to really fill your house with the spirit of the season, why not decorate your bedroom, too?

If you love the holidays, retiring to a bedroom with touches of Christmas cheer will bring a smile to your face each morning and night. You don't need to install a big Christmas tree at the foot of your bed, just bring a few pieces of holiday decor into your bedroom, and enjoy the season.


One of the easiest ways to make your bedroom look like Christmas is to change your bedding. You can find a wide range of comforters with Christmas themes such as poinsettias, Christmas trees, or Santa. For a subtle Christmas style, look for quilts in red and white, with snowflake patterns, or red, green and white designs.

If changing your quilt or comforter doesn't appeal to you, cozy up in warm flannel holiday-themed sheets. Candy canes, reindeer, snowflakes, stockings and Santa-capped penguins are all popular designs.

For a quick holiday touch, a soft throw blanket at the foot of your bed will add extra warmth on the coldest nights, or serve as an extra layer around your shoulders when reading in bed. Holiday themes are almost endless, or go for a solid red or green.

Change out your regular throw pillows for Christmas-themed ones. Needlepoint pillows, small cushions with holiday expressions, or fancy sequined designs are all available at Christmas time. Choose two or three for a finishing touch on your bed.

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You don't want to go overboard with Christmas lights in the bedroom, but one or two strands can create a magical appearance. Small white lights can be used to:

  • Wind around your curtain rods
  • Highlight your doorframe
  • Decorate the posts of your bed
  • Edge your dresser
  • Add sparkle to a large mirror

String icicle lights across the ceiling over your bed, or to hang down over the closet area or walkway. White or blue give you a wintery look without the cold.

For a whimsical holiday touch, look for novelty lights shaped like Santa, reindeer, snowmen, snowflakes, candy canes or gifts. You can find many more holiday designs online, or in party-supply stores. Attach them over your window using small hooks.


A full-size Christmas tree in the bedroom would be overdoing it, but a very small tree that fits on a dresser top would be cute and festive. Choose artificial or a small, real tree, then surround it with a small tree skirt. You can use fabric remnants or even holiday place mats under the tree.

Decorate your tree with a few well-loved ornaments. Your bedroom is the perfect place to choose a few special ornaments that have particular meaning to you. A flamingo to remind you of the tropical vacation you are hoping to take, an old-fashioned Santa just like the one that decorated your grandmother's tree, a gray-and-white cat ornament just like your dear Mittens; anything special to you can be commemorated with an ornament.

You can find a huge assortment of ornaments in discount department stores, making it easy to decorate a meaningful tree without spending a fortune.

If you don't have space for even a tabletop tree, hang a small wreath on the back of your door.

  • Traditional pine boughs are beautiful.
  • Go feminine with a wreath made of red and green feathers, or small fabric strips.
  • A grapevine wreath can be decorated with Christmas reindeer, ornaments, holly berries, ribbon or wooden ornaments for a simple country holiday look.

Small Decorations

Your bedroom dresser, bookshelf, wall cabinet or desktop can display a small collection of Christmas favorites. Set out a holiday grouping of:

  • Angels
  • Snowmen
  • Holiday water globes
  • Reindeer
  • Santa Claus
  • Nativity scenes

Keep your bedroom selection small to avoid a cluttered look. Sticking with a few pieces in a related theme will give your room holiday spirit without holiday overload.

For a fun touch, hang sparkly, lightweight snowflakes from your ceiling. Use clear fishing wire or dental floss so it appears the snowflakes are falling from the sky.

Candles are also a holiday staple. Group a cluster of pillar candles near your bed, in holiday colors of red, green, white or gold. Surround them with small pinecones and Christmas greenery.

Jarred candles are available in many holiday fragrances, such as pine tree, cinnamon cookie, apple spice or pumpkin pie. Light one to enjoy the pleasant fragrance and warm glow.

You might not have considered decorating your bedroom for Christmas before, overlooking it in favor of the more public rooms of the house. But it only takes a few small touches to bring the holidays into the bedroom. Christmas comes but once a year, so maximize your holiday pleasure with a bedroom that reflects the joy of the season.

Last Updated: December 19, 2011
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