How To Design A Victorian Bedroom Theme

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The quintessential Victorian bedroom is the combination of romance, elegance, nostalgia and refinement. When creating a Victorian design idea for a bedroom, look for items and décor that have a classic Victorian look and appeal. Victorian style has an old-world sensibility, which is part of the craftsmanship and quality of furniture, furnishings, accessories and other home items, which depict the Victorian era-when England's Queen Victoria reigned from 1837-1901.

Victorian Bedding And Linens

Design ideas do not have to cost a fortune. Many Victorian furniture sets, pieces and décor are affordable and easy to find through furniture companies, stores and online. In addition, creating one's own idea of Victorian era comfort and beauty is also possible through antique stores, yard sales and other re-sell opportunities online too.

  • Four post bed frames or those with canopy tops are a key Victorian look, especially if the canopy is lace or crocheted.
  • Canopies and posts draped in flowing fabric are also an option.
  • In addition, a bed can be filled out with dust ruffles and bed spreads.
  • To create a stylish Victorian interior décor, especially with a boudoir feel, include drapery and elegant fabrics for window treatments.
  • Decorating walls and windows with the combination of rich wood furniture from vanity sets, dressing tables, benches, stools, dressers and mirror frames all contribute to a classic Victorian appeal.
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Victorian Color And Fabric Designs

Although any color scheme is appropriate, the Victorian era was steeped in deep burgundy, hunter green and rich purple. Wallpapers can be floral and painted rooms can have walls loaded with prints and images. Victorian fabrics include velvets, satins and textured cottons such as eyelet. An exemplary Victorian look is lace and fringe trimmings. These details are a popular Victorian style for pillows, window treatments and cushions.

Victorian Accessories

A Victorian bedroom would not be complete without lamps, rugs and pillows. Victorian rugs are usually flower patterned and can include roses, poppies or wildflowers. Busy and ornate patterns are classic Victorian designs as well. In addition, lavish window treatments and pillows are used plentiful in creating a Victorian look. Ceiling to floor curtains tied-back with fringed ties and valances can add a great deal of Victorian style to wood furniture and floors. Linens in a Victorian bedroom are plentiful with shams and pillows of many shapes and sizes. In addition, blankets and throws are another accent for the bed.

An easy and stylish Victorian approach for a bedside table is to skirt a round table. Traditional Victorian lamps include a ginger-jar porcelain look, crystal, brass and candlestick styles. Crocheted doilies placed underneath lamps, water vessels or vases create a Victorian look immediately for a bedside table.

Victorian Women

In a woman's bedroom, Victorian accessories can be knickknack type items such as needlepoint pillows, doilies on dressing tables and lace covered items. In addition, showcasing perfume bottles, hairbrushes, combs, jewelry boxes and other items follow a Victorian sense of style. Victorian women had a great many accessories, which today can serve as décor from hats and umbrellas to displaying jeweled pins and hairpieces on vanities and dressing tables. Other bedroom décor elements that have a Victorian feel are full length standing mirrors in oval shapes and decorative paneled screens.

Victorian Men

For a man's bedroom, a Victorian style would include a dark wooden desk, reading chair and high dressers, which should show off framed photos of activities and trips. Décor items would include maps, books and a variety of outdoor activity gear, which can be antique items for decorating such as wooden fishing rods and baskets. Victorian men wore timepieces, which can also be a great décor item today.

Antique Touches

When searching for items to create a Victorian look, search for hardware for doors and handles that are antique or even glass. Glass knobs are a particular look and style for Victorian appeal. And even though the décor is from another time and place, living in the modern world does not have to be sacrificed. Armoires and cabinets can be entertainment centers for televisions, stereos and to hold all electronic and home entertainment devices.

To find authentic Victorian items, visit antique stores and sales, thrift and second-hand or consignment shops and lookup estate sales in your town or city. For the more industrial types, it is possible to create a Victorian look with the furniture you already own. Visit a home improvement store to find out how to age furniture with specific paints and finishes. In addition, hardware for knobs and door handles can also be found at home improvement stores, hardware stores and other establishments, which feature unique home items.

Last Updated: September 22, 2011
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