7 Designer Bedroom Ideas To Try Now

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Sometimes it can be hard to decorate your bedroom. Finding the right combination of color, décor and furniture is challenging, to say the least. Luckily for you, there are plenty of experts out there who thrive on decorating personal space, and there's no limit to what you can do. Read on to learn what seven design specialists do in their own bedrooms.

Dylan Lauren: Daughter to the ever-famous Ralph Lauren, Dylan's bedroom is as minimalistic as her dad's designs. She sticks with a simple two-color palette of blue and white. Her canopy bed adds a romantic touch to the mix, and it's dressed with gingham sheets that her father designed. For a bit of décor (and a snack), Dylan also stashes stocks sweets around the room, such as lollipops and a gumball machine. It adds to the overall innocence of the room's design aesthetic, as well. To learn more about designing your own minimalist bedroom, see Contemporary Bedroom Design Ideas.

Peter Som: A fashion designer whose collections have appeared in publications like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, Peter Som is known for his effortless elegance. He likes to keep things simple in his own room, where there are absolutely no decorations on the walls. Instead, he puts emphasis on the bedding and furniture. His patterned sheets, for example, use varying degrees texture and soft colors, such as beige, gray and white, but they add just the right amount of dimension to the space.

designer bedroom ideas ideal home garden designer bedroom ideas ideal home garden


John Robshaw: Perhaps the exact opposite of Peter, fabric designer John Robshaw loves elaborate prints and decorations. His room features decorative sheets, bold colors and all sorts of found objects from his worldly travels: places like the Middle East and Asia. You could almost call his room hippie-chic, with a bohemian feel toned down a bit by a green-blue-brown color palette. The space is inherently "John."

Bryan Batt: Actor Bryan Batt (known for his role on AMC's "Mad Men") lives in New Orleans, and enjoys a bit of organized chaos in his room. He refuses to make his bed, but makes that sloppiness work to his aesthetic, with soft beachy pastels in gray and beige. Everything is, though, of the highest quality. His sheets are 620-thread-count sateen, and his brass floor lamps come straight from his own store, Hazelnut.

designer bedroom ideas ideal home garden designer bedroom ideas ideal home garden


Rachel Roy: Fashion designer Rachel Roy enjoys more than just a bed in her bedroom oasis. A hammock from her Jamaican vacation hangs wall to wall for added relaxation. Her color preferences play on Middle-Eastern influence, with browns, oranges and purples popping up everywhere. The cherry on top is the hammock itself, with bold stripes in several colors. According to Rachel, the room is her cocoon, and she wants it to work as a positive place to recharge.

Kelly Wearstler: Unlike Rachel, designer Kelly Wearstler believes the bedroom should be a soft, restful space, easy on the eye. Her palette is soothing, with a completely beachy, washed-out feel, including soft beige walls and off-white bed sheets. She does, however, like to vary up her bedding. She mixes prints, designs and even brands to create a look that is amazingly unique and entirely her own.

designer bedroom ideas ideal home garden designer bedroom ideas ideal home garden


Thomas O'Brien: Designer Thomas O'Brien doesn't use his bedroom. Well, at least not for sleeping. His living room works as his bedroom, because he realized that the sizing was better and that he could create a whole new design concept based on it. He recommends buying at least two slightly different sheets and changing them out two or three times a week. According to him, it's the cheapest and easiest way to change up the personality of a room.

Who better to take bedroom décor advice from than the experts themselves? With these seven different takes on design, you can pick and choose to find the right combination of color, character and format for your own space. Because there is one thing that all the experts agree on: Your bedroom should be all about you.

Last Updated: March 28, 2012
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