Disney Bedroom Decor Ideas and Tips

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Disney Bedroom Decor

If you're looking for a straightforward, quick, and easy theme for your child's room, and if you're stumped when it comes to brainstorming original ideas, consider turning to your child's favorite movie for inspiration. If your child loves Disney, then you're in luck because Disney themed bed sheets, decorations, and stuffed toys are available at virtually all popular retailers, and can be found at discounted prices at many online retailers. 

While classic characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty may be anachronisms of your childhood and past, new characters have emerged with new stories to inspire your children's imaginations. These characters include the Lion King, Pocahontas, Aladdin, Ratatouille, Brother Bear, Nemo, Chicken Little, Hercules, Toy Story, Wall-E, Cars, and the Incredibles. 

Many of today's popular Disney characters are gender-neutral and appeal to boys and girls, so if your son and daughter share a room, it's still possible to find a theme that works for many personalities and preferences. If your son and daughter aren't fans of the classic Prince Charming and damsel in distress motifs, you can probably find something else through Disney.

Disney Bedroom Decor Themes & Color Schemes

Disney themes provide one-stop-shops for everything that you need to decorate a room. While some decorating concepts require planning to the smallest details, everything in a Disney theme is set up for you. Ultimately, you decide what you buy and how to arrange everything, but when it comes to selecting colors, you won't even need to think twice because the corresponding Disney movie is full of visuals to help you plan your space.

For example, a Lion King theme will consist of brown and yellow shades. If you're considering a Finding Nemo theme, your color scheme should consist of bright blue, green, and orange hues. If you choose to decorate with a Disney princess theme, you can stick to the classic pinks, baby blues, and purples.

When choosing colors for your theme, be careful not to go overboard. Try to stick to three or four colors at most, especially if you have a number of options that work with your theme. If you use too many colors, your room may look cluttered.

On a similar note, avoid cramming too many Disney items into your room. Plan your space ahead of time, and don't expect the Disney theme to do design-work for you. Even though a Disney theme can help simplify how you plan your space, it can have an equal effect in causing chaos in your room. Keeping in mind color and space, be careful not to over-decorate. A room with cartoon motifs can still be streamlined.

Staying Age Appropriate

No matter how much work and money you put into your Disney theme, your child will probably outgrow it. It's inevitable that a once-wonderful Cinderella theme will eventually become old. Don't worry—if you're on a budget, you don't need to immediately rule out the possibility of a Disney-themed room. Instead, invest your money in temporary items rather than permanent fixtures. Instead of buying a Snow White children's bed, consider buying bed sheets and décor instead. Instead of painting or wallpapering your walls with Disney characters, buy a couple of prints, tapestries, and posters. Instead of buying high-end collectibles, opt for inexpensive stuffed toys. Popular and inexpensive decorative items include clocks, pencil stands, lamps, rugs, mugs, and more.

Last Updated: April 3, 2012
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