Gender Neutral Kids’ Bedroom Designs

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Sometimes having a super masculine or feminine children's bedroom just doesn't work. Gender-neutral rooms can be unique, attractive and full of personality.

Why Gender-Neutral Bedrooms?

Many parents dream of putting together the perfect soft pink room for their daughter or rough and tumble style room for their son. While this is just right for some families, certain situations call for leaving strong gender symbols out of the children's bedroom design. Gender-neutral kids’ bedrooms may be right for you if:

  • A brother and sister will be sharing the bedroom.
  • The room will be passed from a child of one gender to a child of the other in a few years.
  • You don't want to encourage gender stereotypes that may be limiting for your children.
  • Your kids don’t' show strong traditional masculine or feminine decorating tastes.

Gender-Neutral Bedroom Colors and Patterns

If you're planning a gender-neutral bedroom, enjoy the freedom from traditional pink or blue! You're free to choose from the world of exciting colors that are great for boys and girls. Your gender-neutral color palette might include:

  • Greens: Consider delicate spring green, soft sage green or a deep forest shade.
  • Yellows: You might like a rich buttery yellow, a bright sunny one or even a pale pastel hue.
  • Earth tones: Tan, cream or chocolate brown can work for boys and girls.
  • Reds: Deep reds give kids' bedrooms a bold look, particularly when paired with gold or yellow tones.
  • Blues: Blue isn't just for boys. Feel free to experiment with blue shades ranging from cobalt blue to a cheerful sky shade.

Additionally, including some gray, white or off white with your main color scheme often adds a nice, soft effect.

Classic patterns aren't generally associated with either gender, so feel free to include them in your bedroom design as well. Your kids might like patterns such as:

  • Stripes
  • Checks
  • Plaids
  • Bold abstract prints.

gender neutral bedding  gender neutral bedding

Expressing Your Child's Personality

Gender-neutral bedrooms give you the opportunity to choose a theme based on your child's personality and interests rather than on gender. Think about what your kids love to do, or where their talents lie. Here are a few themes that both boys and girls can embrace:

  • Beach/island: Use the colors of sand and sea, put up a big fake palm tree, and display some seashell and beach glass accents. You can also find bedding with seashore motifs, surfboard or flip-flop rugs or wall cutouts and beach-themed framed prints. See Surf Themed Bedroom.
  • Undersea: Do your kids love marine life? Try fish, dolphin or whale bedding and wallpaper borders, or hanging fish lanterns.
  • Safari: Turn your child's bedroom into an African savannah with African print bedding and plush stuffed animals such as lions, tigers, zebras and elephants. Add a wicker ceiling-fan for atmosphere. See Safari Style Bedroom.
  • Farm animals: If your kids love visiting farms and petting zoos, try a bedroom themed with cows, horses, pigs and chickens.
  • Medieval/fairy tale: Choose woodland décor and display some figurines from favorite medieval or fairy tales such as Merlin, King Arthur, Robin Hood, Guinevere and Maid Marion.
  • Outer space: Hang a three dimensional model of the planets, put glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling and hang a moonscape wallpaper border. To add a science fiction twist, add some accents from your kids' favorite sci-fi shows or stories such as a Dr. Who Tardis throw pillow, a replica of Firefly's ship, "Serenity" or Star Trek bedding.
  • Music: Choose bedding and accents with instruments your kids enjoy playing, images of musicians they admire, or musical symbols.
  • Sports: Whether your daughter excels in soccer, your son lives to play basketball or they both have a favorite team they love to watch, you'll find just sports-themed bedding and accents.

Choosing Your Furniture

To stay true to your gender-neutral plan, look for furniture with clean lines, such as classic Shaker or Scandinavian pieces, or ultra modern sets for kids' beds, dressers, desks and tables. You'll do well with wood in natural or painted finishes, metal or even plastic furniture; just remember to avoid ornate or overly ornamented pieces.

To compliment furniture basics add some soft, cozy seating. Overstuffed chairs, beanbag chairs or mushroom chairs make boys or girls feel right at home.

Accessories and Accents Boys and Girls will Love

Complete your gender-neutral bedroom design with useful and attractive accents and extras that are appropriate for both boys and girls. Your kids might enjoy:

  • Lots of stuffed animals
  • Themed wall decals
  • Plush throw rugs
  • Brightly colored accent pillows and throws
  • A reading area with a well-stocked bookshelf
  • A desk for homework
  • A small table for art, complete with art supplies
  • Framed wall prints that fit the bedroom's theme
  • Themed knickknacks
  • Simple airy window treatments that are not overly frilly such as sheer curtains, cloth shades or wooden blinds.

Your well-planned gender-neutral bedroom will have everyone feeling happy and comfortable. Your son or daughter will be right at home in a room that expresses his or her unique personality and taste without conforming to traditional gender stereotypes.

Last Updated: May 15, 2012
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