How To Design A Hollywood Movie Bedroom Theme

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Everyone loves to go to the movies, and some want to take the experience home. If you are one of these people, you can easily create a lovely cinema inspired bedroom with a number of items readily available at home décor stores.

It’s an easy theme to do for a child’s room, a teen’s room, or an adult’s, allowing some playful and fun ideas into a bedroom design. So start thinking of your favorite movies and incorporate them into the room with posters, memorabilia and furniture.

Whether you plan to purchase new décor, or want to try repurposing items you already own, use these tips to creating the perfect cinema inspired bedroom.

Wall Art

  • One of the first items you think of when it comes to movie items for the home is of course movie posters. You can get just about every movie poster online, so think of your favorites and look them up. And don’t think you have to stick to recent movies because reproductions of old classic movie posters are everywhere. You can easily find Breakfast at Tiffany’s, in a number of different styles of that poster, or something dramatic and romantic such as Gone with the Wind. Be sure to cater the style of the movie to your home’s overall theme. For modern homes, select movies with modern plots and posters. For cottage, Cape Cod and other classically styled homes, select classic movie posters.
  • You can also have pictures of movie scenes taken on set. These behind the scenes photos incorporate the cinema feel in a different way than a movie poster, adding a more artistic, creative feel. Photography from your favorite movie sets, portraits of your favorite stars and even images of classic movie props are a great way to decorate your home with cinema inspired wall art.
  • You can also buy pictures that evoke old Hollywood, whether it’s a scene of a Hollywood movie premiere in the 1950s or a modern Giclee print that shows an art deco movie theatre. The point is for you to get art that shows particular movies you like, as well as evoking the overall movie experience, so have fun finding images and items you like.
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  • When you think of movies there are a few items that instantly evoke the feeling of cinema; one of these items is the old film reels used to hold the film, and another is the black and white scene marker used to separate film takes. You can buy these in antique shops, or home décor stores which feature replicas made solely for decorating purposes. You can put them on a wall or on the top of your dresser to instantly create a cinema inspired bedroom.
  • For a kid’s bedroom you can surely find bedspreads, sheets, and even wallpaper that conjures up your kid’s favorite images of Ariel from The Little Mermaid or Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. It may not just be your kids that have a movie obsession. With Twilight fans of the teen variety your teens may want Edward and Bella movie posters and throws (yes, they have this.) You can create a cinema theme in general, or go specific with one beloved movie.


  • A common item that has a cinema feel are exposed light bulbs around a mirror. Evoking images of classic Hollywood beauties preparing for their time on camera, this lighting design is a must for movie lovers decorating their bedroom. If you have the space, a great item for a bedroom is a makeup table or vanity that has a mirror with light bulbs around it. You can place it in the corner of the room and look like you are getting ready for your close-up every day. Not only will your light-bulb encircled mirror act as the perfect movie set prop, it will also serve a functional purpose as you get ready each day.
  • A canopy-draped bed has a 1940s era movie feel that will turn your room into a luxurious sleeping spot.
  • Get side tables and dressers that are mirrored or have gold or silver accents. The shimmer and sparkle of the room will evoke the feel of Hollywood glamour and give your room a fun shine. You can find this type of furniture at many home décor stores, and even some good old pieces at antique stores.
  • If you want to glam up the furniture you already have, then add some rhinestones and/or paint the furniture you have for an old Hollywood feel. Keep the room in a monochrome color palate with whites and beiges, and add to that the sparkle of some rhinestones along the borders of furniture and some sparkly knobs and furniture pieces. Small, shimmering accents are an easy and inexpensive way to add Hollywood glamour to your bedroom without needing to completely redecorate.

There are items at nearly every price point to create your cinema inspired bedroom. Have fun, get creative and let your favorite movies inspire your new bedroom design.

Last Updated: December 27, 2011
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