Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

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You walk into your bedroom, drop your bags on the floor, sprawl across your bed and relax. Your bedroom is the ultimate personal sanctuary. It should feel comfortable and warm, while providing an outlet for self expression through design. When it comes to choosing the right décor for your bedroom, you have to remember to select pieces that represent you. Not everyone is an art connoisseur, but if you keep these five things in mind, you might be able to win over even the toughest art critic.

  • Take measurements: Like all aspects of home decorating, it is best to be prepared. Before you hit the streets for a day of art stalking, grab a tape measure and take notes. Measure the walls you want to decorate, and have a general idea of how you want the art to be laid out. If you have pieces that you want to buy frames for, measure these too. Nothing is worse than coming home with the perfect find, only to discover it doesn't fit.
  • Avoid generic pieces: Hanging a favorite classic piece of art on your walls is no crime. But, you don't want to make your bedroom look like the gift shop at your local art museum. Since these pieces are usually the most abundant, and therefore the most affordable, it is easy to get sucked into covering you walls with them. At the same time, the average bedroom decorator can't afford adorning their walls with hand-painted originals and limited edition prints. Check out local art shows and galleries. Not only can you find some pretty incredible pieces of art, you can support the local art scene. Student shows and online art commission websites allow you to pay a fairly low price for one-of-a-kind items. Another great place to pick up wall art is at thrift stores and garage sales. If you're the type of person that loves to find that perfect piece of hidden treasure, this might be the route for you.
bedroom wall art ideas bedroom wall art ideas


  • Coordinate with your current style: Nothing can kill a great selection of wall art like a horrible style clash. Make sure you take into consideration the overall personality and vibe of your room. Furniture is just the beginning; you want to make sure that your bedding, flooring, paint and room accessories all go well with your latest artistic additions. If you're rocking some vintage furniture and a wall full of records, you might want to hit your local music store for some classic concert posters. If you're wild about nature, you can pick up some landscape pieces at an art gallery or museum. You don't have to go too crazy with the theme, however. If you want to mix a bit of retro and modern into your design aesthetic, go ahead. It's your bedroom!
  • Don't forget about the frames: Taping posters to your walls was fine in high school, but these days you put a lot more weight on looking sophisticated. If you find a great piece of art, match it with a great frame. Coordinate the artwork with the frame design. Paintings often look great in ornate wood frames, while a sleek metal frame is more appropriate for modern poster artwork. Taking your art to a framing store can be very expensive, and no one wants to pay more for the frame than what the frame is holding. Discount framing stores and outlet furniture stores usually offer a variety of frames, matting and backing for your artwork at a much more affordable price.
  • Finish it off with a great presentation: Make sure you have provided ample space for the artwork you've selected. Pick one wall to serve as the focal point, and use it to moderate the rest of the placement. Proper spacing and lighting are also crucial. Don't crowd your wall space, or neglect to use natural lighting. Larger pieces should be placed opposite windows to make sure they get the right amount of visibility. If you have several smaller pieces, be sure to space them out across your room, instead of crowding them all in one corner. Make sure that as you hang your wall art, you take a step back to make sure everything is still cohesive.

Your bedroom should represent you. Manipulate the blank space of your walls in your favor. There's nothing wrong with waiting around for the right piece, but don't be afraid to play around with several themes and styles before you settle down with one. Remember, the best pieces of art aren't the ones that cost thousands of dollars, they're the ones that mean something special to you.

Last Updated: May 1, 2012
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