8 Ways To Organize A Small Bedroom

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Quite often, renters and first-time home owners find themselves presented with a lack of space. If this tiny space happens to be your bedroom, you want to make sure you prevent the room from looking cluttered, have storage space for all your items and end up with a nice looking bedroom at the end of the day. When laid out properly, a small bedroom can be cozy, warm and welcoming. Follow these eight easy tips to transform your lack of space into a well designed private refuge.

  • Bed position: Bed positioning can really add a lot of space to your room. Placing your bed against a wall and below a window will not only maximize the space in your room, but also provide you with some much needed fresh air, especially if your space is already cramped. Don't buy a bed that is too big for your space. If your room is really tiny, try a full or a queen sized bed.
  • Utilize unseen storage space: Store as many items as you can under your bed and in your closet. It will make it appear as though you have more space than you actually do. Elevate your bed and use storage bins to hold unnecessary items underneath. You can cover it up with a bed skirt, so guests can't see. Over-the-door shoe racks work well in the closet. You can also add some hooks to the back of your main door for coats and bags. Add shelves and drawers in the closet to get your extra stuff out of sight and out of mind.

organize a small bedroom

organize a small bedroom

  • Don't clutter shelves and countertops: Cluttering shelves and countertops makes your space appear smaller than it is. If you have special knick-knacks or decorations that you want to put on display, consider having them out in one of the larger rooms in the house. If you find that you have more items than space, try decorative shelf-sized boxes. You can label them to make your personal items easily accessible. Keep the space in your small bedroom as bare as you can, while still maintaining that warm, familiar feel.
  • Hang mirrors: Mirrors make any space feel bigger and brighter than it is. Not only will you have multiple chances to check yourself out in the morning, but they also provide a great service to the size and appearance of your room. Hang them on opposite walls and they will give the illusion of endless space. Full body mirrors and mirrors at eye level are also great for extending the walls of your small room.

 organize a small bedroom

  • Paint the walls in light and bright colors: Much like mirrors, light colored walls give the illusion of a much larger living space. You don't have to just stick with white, but you do have to stay away from harsh and dark colors. Pastel colors will also provide a much needed optical illusion, and allow you to be a bit more creative with your color scheme. You can also buy room-brightening blinds at your local home store. Mini-blinds let much more light into the room.
  • Minimize the amount of wall décor: Cluttering your walls can make your space seem even smaller than it is. Pick a few large pieces of wall décor and hang them in focal point areas of the room. If you want, you can leave a couple of walls mostly bare, and it will stretch your room in that direction. The rule of two is the best practice: If you're in doubt of how many items to hang on the walls, pick your two favorite, and go from there.
  • Be multi-functional: Use one of your chests or drawers as a television stand, buy seating that doubles as storage and use shelves to  hold photos, bottles, boxes or collectibles. If you're living in a small space, you have to get creative with what you've got. Don't let any of your furniture serve only one purpose.
  • Keep everything clean: If you're already lacking in space, you want to make sure that you clean up after yourself. More important than anything, make sure you don't leave your floor a mess. Don't use your hardwood as another laundry hamper. Making your bed, dusting, and keeping countertops and shelves clean will also make your room appear a bit larger than it is, not to mention make it all the more welcoming.

If you find yourself in a living space that is too cramped for comfort, remember that you are in charge. Don't let the lack of space control your design sensibilities. You can make your space as accommodating as it needs to be. Utilize blank wall space, storage areas, and proper furniture positioning to turn your small space into a workable living space. Remember that it doesn't matter how much space you have, but what you do with it.

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Last Updated: March 28, 2013
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