Jungle Themed Bedrooms for Kids

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Jungle Themed Bedrooms For Kids

A jungle-themed bedroom for kids can appeal to boys and girls in a variety of age ranges, so if you're looking for a versatile design with the potential to evolve as your child grows up, a jungle themed room may be a good fit for your objectives.

Unlike other themes that you can create through patterns and colors, a jungle design theme is significantly more resource intensive and requires a substantial amount of effort, even for the simplest design schemes. You should expect to invest a substantial amount of money in wall art or three dimensional decorations in addition to toys, bed sheets, rugs, and additional furniture. You should also expect to reinvest in a jungle-themed room so that the décor is age appropriate and continues to evolve with your child. Eventually, your child will outgrow the jungle theme altogether, so be prepared for a substantial redecorating project that may involve painting in addition to a considerable investment for new décor.

A jungle theme is ideal for infants, toddlers, and young children who are at an age when visual stimulation is most important for intellectual and creative development. Through a sound system, parents can also integrate jungle sounds and animal noises with the theme of the room. Your baby, toddler, or young child might find these relaxing at bedtime or when she is learning to sleep in her room for the first time.

Personalizing Jungle Themed Bedrooms For Certain Ages

Styles can vary between looks that have a cartoon feel or more mature, realistic animals. If you decorate your child's room with a jungle theme, make sure that you find a design that is age-appropriate. That being said, your 16 year old probably won't want wall art that belongs in a nursery. Use literal jungle images for very young children, and mere jungle color schemes and themes for older children. A teenager's room can easily take inspiration from a jungle theme by using greens, tans and browns with a few pops of bright color without using lions, tigers and monkeys on the walls. 

Your walls will be your focal point for your room's jungle theme. You can hire a professional artist to paint designs, or you can use prepackaged wallpaper or wall art to decorate your room with animal artwork and rainforest décor. You can even paint trees, plants, lagoons, action scenes, and more. Many prepackaged kits are available at art supply stores or online, and if you would prefer a less permanent option, you can use cardboard cutouts or posters.

Using temporary options for décor such as cardboard cutouts and framed posters should be ideal, especially if you're on a budget and looking for a design theme that can evolve with your child.

More permanent options such as wallpaper and murals can be difficult to replace and remove, and you may need to give your child's room a new paint job as he or she becomes older. Cut-outs and poster prints are relatively easy to replace with new, age-appropriate artwork. If you think that your budget will be constrained, do your best to find temporary décor whenever possible because your child will grow up.

Jungle Themed Bedroom Colors

A jungle theme should incorporate colors such as green, brown, yellow, and blue. A combination of these colors should be the defining elements of your room; however, splashes of red, orange, hot pink and black will also fit within the dominant color scheme. as they're naturally found in jungle flowers and plants.

As a genera design principle, you should avoid choosing more than three dominant colors; otherwise, your room may clash or appear chaotic. Once you've established your basic colors, you should feel free to experiment with subtle additions of other colors, whether you are including images of animals, flowers, sunshine, or water. All of these color choices are appropriate.

Three Dimensional Jungle Themed Bedrooms

A jungle-themed bedroom can provide you with the opportunity to stretch your decorative imaginations. You can limit yourself to the two-dimensional designs on your walls, or you decorate with three dimensional accessories such as stuffed toys, real or synthetic plants, cardboard cutouts, and hanging artwork. In addition to décor, you can build jungle-themed playhouses for your child's room. For example, you can build a pseudo-cave or cabin.

No matter what decorative approach you follow, you should plan to tailor your jungle themed room's décor to match your child's personality and preferences. If your child loves Halloween, realistic and scarier décor may be ideal. In any case, these types of decorations may not be appropriate for younger children who feel scared easily.

Jungle Themes

Several approaches can help you select a jungle theme. You may select your theme based on a cartoon or movie, or you may choose to plan your theme based on a geographic location. You can also focus on certain animals or trees when planning your theme. For the most part, your color options will be the same no matter what themes you ultimately choose to use.

Last Updated: April 3, 2012
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