Modern Bedroom Design Ideas & Tips

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Modern Design Principles

The basic idea of modern design is simplicity - investing in only the items that you need to achieve a comfortable living space. Above everything, modern designs make sense by keeping people organized and minimizing the potential for clutter. When you look at a modern room, you will see nothing but a clean and streamlined space.

If you're on a budget and a fan of modern designs, you're in luck because you won't need to invest in substantial décor or more furniture than you need. With a modern design on a budget, even the most common items have intrinsic beauty and artistic value. That means that you should think of your basic furniture - your dresser, bed, and chairs, as art. With the right combination of furniture, accessories, and color, you may not need any art or décor at all.

Bold colors and unusual geometric designs are also common elements in a modern bedroom. Get a chair or desk in an unusual shape, and avoid looks that appear traditional or ornate. In this design theme, you can easily use all manmade materials, such as plastics and metals to overemphasize the room's modern theme and help cut down on costs.

If you prefer wood, go for it! It's possible to find natural materials that complement a modern theme - you can always choose wood with a bright or bold paint such as black, white, or a vibrant shade of another color. If you like brown shades, you can counterbalance the natural look by emphasizing modern stylistic details through a mirror or stainless steel lamp. You can even overcome a natural look by choosing furniture items in abstract shapes.

Modern Bedroom Modern Bedroom

 Choose furniture from high end designers, or shop inventories of designer-inspired items. No matter your budget, a modern design provides a great opportunity for you to create a bedroom that showcases your distinct style. You don't need to follow any cookie cutter plans or room layout tips; instead, use your judgment to create a space that is right for you. Because modern furniture is so distinctive, it does not really require a specific arrangement within the room to fit the modern design theme. 

Minimalism & Modern Design

For a modern bedroom, minimalism does not mean foregoing a bed or a chair. Instead, the style follows basic principles of efficiency. Use what you need - no more and no less. Instead of beautifying a room with superfluous décor, choose practical items that are themselves unique and beautiful. It may help to think of your bed, dresser, shelves, and chairs as art, so if you're especially adventurous, feel free to experiment with unusual designs and shapes.

Modern Bedroom Minimalism Modern Bedroom Minimalism

A minimalist design approach will also help you keep your bedroom cleaner. Instead of becoming overwhelmed with clutter, surfaces remain spacious and will remain cleaner for two reasons: (1) they will be easier to wipe down, and (2) there will be fewer items accumulating dust. A modern bedroom is not only aesthetically pleasing and practical; it is also healthy, especially for people with asthma and allergies. If dust irritates you, you will notice an improvement with your breathing when your space is less cluttered.

Modern Design Layout

A modern design will help you create a layout that makes sense. Since minimalism is in important property of modern design, you'll only be buying what you need. As a result, you won't have to worry about overcrowding your space. Efficiency follows naturally from a modern design.

Be vigilant about the architecture of your home, and pay attention to size. You can make a small room beautiful, but it won't be aesthetically pleasing if you're cramming more stuff than can fit within four walls. Avoid buying something out of obligation because you feel that a room should have it. If it's too big, or if you don't need it, then it shouldn't be in the room.

Conversely, if you have a large room, the area may appear empty unless there is enough furniture to fill the space. Include enough furniture so that you can balance your large room with a cozy ambiance.

Make sure that you have enough space to walk around your room and access your belongings comfortably. You want to be able to enter and exit the room, get in and out of bed, and open and close drawers with ease. Make sure that you select furniture of an appropriate size for your space, and arrange it all in a way that allows you to accomplish everything that you will need from your bedroom. Otherwise, your room will slow you down by limiting your movement and potentially injuring you.

Modern Bedroom Décor

Bright colors, bold designs, abstract prints, and simplicity are characteristics of modern living spaces. Rather than investing in decorative items, view your everyday furniture and bedroom accessories as artistic. Bedrooms of all sizes will need a bed, dresser, mirror, and basic shelves for storage. If you have hardwood floors, you may also want a rug for comfort and traction. Pillows, lamps, floral arrangements and a few basic sculptures also work well in a room with a modern design. If you don't have a home office, you may also want a desk or chair in your bedroom.

Keep décor to a minimum, and be sensitive to the size and shape of your room before choosing furniture and accessories. Avoid overcrowding your space with more items than necessary; otherwise, your room won't look modern - it'll look chaotic. No matter what you choose to incorporate in your bedroom, aim for simplicity. To illustrate this concept, think of a chair that also doubles as abstract art. If necessary, use your bed sheets, rugs, and wall finishes for additional decorative elements.

Typically, modern room designs look best with strong, solid colors for walls and other decorative items. If you do choose patterns, select prints that are simple, spacious, and linear. Stick to one or two patterns, and avoid selecting prints that are chaotic. If you use patterns for your walls, leave your bed sheets solid and simple in a contrasting color. Similarly, if you use bed sheets with patterns, leave your walls a solid color. Any patterns that you use should be large instead of small and should overemphasize the room's modern motifs. For example, a great use of pattern on modern walls is thick, black and white stripes. However, you would want to avoid thin, curving lines, as this wall pattern will dramatically increase the appearance of clutter in the room. 

Modern Bedroom Color Ideas

Typically, the colors in a modern bedroom are bold, vibrant, and bright. Some people choose to stick to a monochromatic color scheme in white, black, and gray, while other people incorporate details in bright and bold colors such as red, pink, green, blue, yellow, purple, or orange.

Modern Bedroom Colors Modern Bedroom Colors

For an aesthetically pleasing space, you should select at least two colors and at most four, complementing bright tones with neutral shades. Examples of neutral colors include cream, white, gray, tan and black. Some shades of light, dark, and medium brown will also work depending on the other colors that you select.

If you choose prints, select abstract shapes that are linear instead of organic to overemphasize the linear design elements of a modern room. Another way to emphasize a room's modern design is to use man-made colors through furniture items that are made from materials such as stainless steel or glass. These materials can help counterbalance the look and feel of natural materials such as brown hardwood and other earthy tones.

Modern Furniture Design

In a modern bedroom, don't feel that you are restricted to man-made furniture items. While you may prefer items made from stainless steel or glass, you can also use various types of wood to give your bedroom a modern look and feel. Unless you overemphasize the other modern elements of your room, you may want to consider painting your furniture in a bold color such as black. Some furniture is already available in black or brown-black colors, so you won't need to do any painting.

Platform beds come in low-to-the-ground, simple designs and are available in twin, full, queen, or king sizes. If your room is large enough, get a bigger bed in a full, queen, or king size. If your room is small, or of you have a guest room, you may find it convenient to get a futon in a black metal or wooden frame instead of a bed. Futons easily convert from couches to beds with minimal effort, and when you need space, you can quickly fold them up. Matching bedroom sets are available, or you can mix things up if you would prefer to experiment with different styles. As a general rule for modern bedrooms, avoid furniture that is elaborate or ornate. Stick to very basic, rectangular and linear shapes to achieve a modern effect.

Modern Lighting

Modern bedrooms should be very bright to create a space that is functional and efficient. Incorporate a balance of natural and artificial light to achieve your desired brightness. Large windows, skylights, and sliding doors are all ideal lighting options for a modern bedroom. To darken your room during the day time, install blinds or curtains in a bold color. 

Modern Bedroom Lighting Modern Bedroom Lighting

Floor lamps and overhead lighting can help you accentuate your bedroom's modern theme. Choose metallic structures such as stainless steel or lights with a black or chrome finish. For overhead lighting, recessed lights are ideal, especially if you can install an electrical mechanism to control the brightness of the room.


For the most part, paint is your best option. You may choose to paint all of your walls in a matching color, or you may prefer one bold accent wall if your space is small. You may also enjoy the look and feel of accent trims that add slight contrast to the bold color in the room.

If you do opt for wall paper, try to select bold prints that won't overcrowd the room. Select prints that are linear with substantial negative space to maintain the bedroom's minimalist feel. When selecting wallpaper, stick to abstract prints that could double as artwork. Make sure that your wallpaper conforms to your bedroom's overall color scheme.


Bold, shiny, and light colored surfaces are ideal options for flooring in a modern bedroom. For added coziness, you may want to invest in a large rug. Otherwise, you may find that carpet clashes with the room's sleek look and feel. Carpet also becomes dirty easily and is difficult to maintain, but if you prefer carpet, try to choose a lighter color in a neutral shade. Hardwood flooring looks best in a modern room if it is light in color. If your budget is flexible, you may consider natural stone such as marble; although, you will most likely need a rug because this type of floor can become extremely cold. Make sure that you maintain the finish of your floor to preserve the shine. You may need to refinish your floors every year or every other year depending on how much traffic passes through your room.

Modern bedroom design is all about smooth, sleek furniture and bold colors. Select pieces that look artistic, but uncomplicated, and keep your color and fabric patterns to a minimum. Use bold colors like red, black or blue against at least one neutral to create a modern color scheme, and always remember to keep clutter to a minimum. 

Last Updated: February 21, 2012
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