Princess Bedroom Ideas For Kids

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Princess Bedroom Ideas

A princess room is a design classic that has been a favorite of children from many generations. With a room full of pink and glamour, it's the perfect design for young girls who adore dolls, ballerinas, unicorns, and fairytales. You loved these themes when you were a kid, and  chances are your mother and grandmother did too. 

Before you begin designing your child's princess bedroom, try to remember some of your favorite things. Did you absolutely love your dolls, tutus, magic wands, purple, pink, glitter, and sparkles? Wouldn't you have enjoyed a bedroom that incorporated all of these things? From play dates with friends to falling asleep with a bedtime story, a little glitter can make your daughter a whole lot happier.

Next, simply ask your child what they would want in their room. If your daughter loves ballets, princesses, and the color pink, a princess themed room will light up her childhood. Do what you can to encorporate their wishes into your design scheme, and your budget. 

Age Appropriate Princess Bedrooms

One reservation that you may (and should) have is that your daughter will quickly outgrow her room. Kids can be very fickle about their preferences, and when she loves pink one day, she may despise it the next. Even though your daughter will always be your baby, when she's 15, she may not appreciate the surprise of a completely redecorated princess room.

princess bedroom ideas themes  princess bedroom ideas themes


If you buy furniture and expensive items that are age appropriate now, she'll probably outgrow them, so be careful when you select items for decorating your child's room. Instead of splurging on the cutest pink bed and canopy, choose items that can evolve with your child. For example, select a bed and furniture in a neutral color such as white, and use less expensive items such as rugs, bed sheets, and picture frames to enhance the colorful décor of your child's room.

Another way to remain age appropriate is to keep the princess theme as general as possible. If your daughter is absolutely obsessed with a particular fairytale or movie character, your instinct may be to choose a matching theme. If you're on a budget, it may not be a good idea. Over time, your daughter's favorite princess may cease to be her favorite. Instead, her interests will evolve, and she'll be stuck with an outdated room.

To transform a young girl's princess room into a more teenage appropriate look, switch the theme from fairy tale princess to classically formal French design. Many of the ornately detailed furniture pieces, canopies and other luxurious accessories will transfer to this new theme well, but will appear much more age appropriate and sophisticated. For help with decorating a luxurious French themed bedroom, see French Bedroom Style.

Princess Bedroom Themes

There are several approaches that you can take when choosing a theme for your child's princess bedroom. One approach is to choose a theme based on a particular story or movie character. This decorating technique may make your child very happy in the short term, but in the long run, it is less than ideal.

A character or story themed room is a design approach that is not cost effective since your daughter will probably outgrow her room at a young age. As the adult, you are the decision-making authority, and do you really want to have to decide between spending more money and forcing her to accept a room design that she completely dislikes? By planning your theme strategically and by broadening your theme options, you can avoid the hassle of redecorating down the road. Instead, choose a princess theme based on design concepts, artwork, photography, shapes, or colors such as pink, gold, silver, or purple- all components that can be easily replaced as your daughter's preferences evolve.

To give her bedroom some extra flair, install a canopy that incorporates lacey and ornate designs. If you have the budget, space, and resources, create some play structures in the shape of a castle. These are available in prefabricated kits, or you can build your own using materials and paint that you can find at hardware supply and crafts stores. With a more basic theme, you have increased flexibility when it comes to redecorating.

Last Updated: April 3, 2012
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