Redecorate With Chic Bedroom Accents

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Chic accents can really pull your room together and take it to a new level of sophistication and style. By adding a few extras to your bedroom, you'll make the space feel brand new and enhance its atmosphere.

Beautiful Beds

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, and often the first thing you look at when you enter the room. Accenting your bed gives a stylish new look to your space. Here are a few ideas for sprucing up your bed:

  • Bedding: Update the look of your bed with new sheets and a comforter. New bedding changes the color scheme or theme of your bedroom instantly.
  • Bed skirts: Whether plain, patterned, ruffled or lacy, a bed skirt gives your bedroom a finished, coordinated look.
  • Curtains and canopies: You'll feel like you're on vacation in the tropics or some other exotic destination when you surround your bed with flowing curtains or a delicate sheer canopy.
  • Headboards: A headboard gives your bed a warmer, heirloom look.
  • Pillows: The quickest way to refresh the look of your bed is with lots of decorative throw pillows. Pillows add color, pattern and texture to the design of your room.
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Walls, Windows, Ceilings and Floors

When adding accents to your bedroom, don't forget about its borders. Changing your window treatments or putting up a stained glass panel updates your walls. You might also want to try hanging some new shelves, paintings, prints or mirrors.

Mirrors add space and light to your bedroom, however, Fung Shui experts advise caution when bringing mirrors to your bedroom because they can be very energizing. If you have trouble sleeping after adding mirrors, cover them in the evening and be sure they don't reflect directly on your bed.

Floor and ceiling accents also work well in bedrooms. Throw rugs instantly warm up a room and pull it together. If you're looking for a unique statement, you might want to accent your ceiling by painting it differently from your walls. Soft colors work best to keep the space restful. One graceful option is to paint your ceiling to look like a realistic sky.

Restful Lighting

To keep your bedroom calm and restful, you'll probably want to avoid super bright, glaring lighting. Still, you need enough light to find your way around, or perhaps read and use your laptop.

You can add a stylish or romantic feel to your bedroom by updating your lighting. Whether you're looking for soft mood lighting or a good task light, you may want to try some of these lighting options:

  • Candles: Firelight is the ultimate option in romantic lighting, as long as it is supervised.
  • Overhead lighting with a ceiling fan: These lights provide good general lighting, a nice breeze and a Casablanca feel.
  • Floor pole lamp: Attractive pole lamps are available to fit any color scheme and style, providing a range of lighting intensity.
  • Himalayan salt lamp: These lamps give off a gentle, pinkish-orange glow and are believed by some to improve mood.
  • Nightstand lamp: A lamp on your nightstand is easy to turn on and off from bed and can give off good reading light.
  • Wall sconces: These bring sophisticated accent lighting to your bedroom.

Seating Areas

Beds are great for reading, relaxing and romance. Adding another place to just sit down takes your bedroom up a notch in comfort and sophistication. Depending on your available space, you might enjoy a:

  • Chaise lounge
  • Overstuffed reading chair
  • Rocking chair
  • Vanity with chair and mirrored table.

Other Accents and Accessories

If you don't have lots of time or money to put into giving your bedroom a new look, you may be pleasantly surprised to find what a big impact a few small accessories can have on your space. A blanket rack is a simple accent piece that will make your bedroom cozy and inviting in a classic way. A few collectibles such as colored glass bottles or sculpture on your dresser or shelves also enhance the feeling of your room.

Green plants and flowers are among the simplest and least expensive ways to refresh your bedroom. If you're bedroom is reasonably sunny, you can find beautiful flowering or green plants that will thrive there. Fresh cut flowers are another option, and are not dependant on the light or temperature of your room.

Sweet Dreams

Adding a few accents to your bedroom will make it the perfect place for restful sleep, romance and peaceful times without having to make major changes. With the right pieces, you'll have a fresh new look for your bedroom in no time at all. You may even be tempted to stay there all day!

Last Updated: August 11, 2011
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