Romantic Bedroom Decoration Ideas

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Sometimes creating a feeling like romance into decorating a room can be a bit intimidating. Often, when people try to create romance, they can end up making it too floral or frilly or girly or kitchy, which can be off putting to the very person they want to romance. However, if you don't have enough romantic elements involved, then it's not sufficient and you miss the mark. Romance is about a feeling, but also about balance.

For some, romance means the tropics, with flowing curtains and the ocean scent and sounds of island life. While for others it's a French boudoir with neutral colors and jasmine scented candles. The point is that whatever romance is to you can be brought to life in your bedroom. No matter what your preference, with these tips you can be on the way to turning your bedroom into the bedroom of your romantic dreams.


  • It might seem basic (and it is) but there is no way you can relax and feel romantic with dust balls and dirt around you. Step one to a romantic room is to clean it. Take Pledge to your wooden bedframe and dresser, vacuum the floor, dust your picture frames and put clean sheets on the bed. And remember to make sure the items you clean aren't only the ones already there, do the once over to everything you add to the room as well. Do everything so you can start with a clean slate.
  • Clear out the clutter of daily life. You don't want bills and bank statements around or the items your boss gave you that need returning or your dirty gym clothes. Romance means escape from daily life, so getting those reminders out of sight will help you achieve the oasis you seek.

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  • Candles can be a great way to add a lovely scent to create romance. However, it's wise do a test run first to make certain the candle has the smell you want, and that it's not too strong. The idea is to have a hint of rose or jasmine or vanilla, not to seem like a factory. Going light is better, especially since the longer the candles burn the stronger the scent becomes throughout a room.
  • Linen spray can be a lovely romantic surprise when you get into your sheets. Again, you want to ensure you don't overpower the bedding with the spray.
  • Diffusers can be a great way to get a desired smell throughout a room that lasts a while. Again, you want to make sure the smell is not too strong - and that whoever smells it will like it!
  • Don't have too many smells, balance is key. Feel free to use a diffuser, but you might want to get unscented candles and lay off the linen spray. Or, you might want the linen spray and scented candles but no diffuser. Chose whatever smells you want in whatever form you desire, but don't overpower the room. Especially if you have a smaller room, you want to be careful you don't have too many competing smells going on. Uncontrollable sneezing or a headache from too strong smells is not very romantic.


  • You want to have attractive mood lighting so to start, cut the overhead lights. They tend to be harsh and remind people of work, which is not exactly romantic.
  • Use lamps and instead of regular light bulbs get soft pink colored ones. They give the room a soft color that is pleasant to the eye and makes the room feel more relaxed and welcoming.
  • Candles create soft, flattering light, and done in groups around the room can provide enough light and the perfect ambiance to any style of romantic room.

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Room Décor

  • Flowing curtains by the window with a breeze flowing through them can create a wonderfully romantic room. Or, if you have a four-poster bed, put some around the bed to create an instant romantic retreat. Sheer drapes are especially good as they move easily and create a light feeling.
  • A mirror on a bedroom wall is wonderful for romance as soft light can bounce around the room and they soften up the walls.
  • Definitely get items that match your chosen theme. For example, if you have a French theme you may want to get a candelabra, chaise lounge or chandelier. If your theme is a beach hideaway you might want to get some beach patterned bedding, dried starfish and shells and ocean scented candles. No matter what your theme, there are tons of items to create your desired room. Have fun and play.
  • An out of your eyesight sound system will create the right mood for any room with music seeming to come from the walls. It allows you to play your favorite music (jazz or ocean sounds) and not interrupt your look.


  • It might seem obvious but make sure you have nice feeling sheets and comforter for the bed. The bedding is the one item in the bedroom that is definitely touched so you want it to feel yummy and inviting.
  • Fold down the sheets and comforter as hotels do. This makes the bed inviting, which is, after all what the romance is aiming to achieve.

Romance can mean many different things to each person, so you have the ability to play and get creative. Use these ideas to create your romantic bedroom oasis and have sweet dreams.

Last Updated: January 24, 2013
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