Rustic Bedroom Furniture & Decor Ideas

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If you enjoy the fabrics, sights and décor of a mountain lodge, consider designing your bedroom in the classic rustic style. From beautiful aged iron pieces to weather worn stone and wooden beams, the rustic style easily evokes the beauty and rugged aspect of nature, right in your own home.


Because this design theme is dominated by inspirations from nature, your color scheme should always remain within range of basic neutral colors, with a few darker shades for contrast. When selecting wall color, fabrics, accessories and décor, stick to these main color options:

  • Brown
  • Dark green
  • Tan
  • Dark Blue
  • Rust
  • Bronze


Another important consideration before purchasing paint, fabrics and décor for your rustic bedroom is to focus on the key themes of the style. When designing, remember to choose pieces and materials that evoke images and feelings of the following:

  • Mountain cabins
  • Hunting lodges
  • Ski chalets
  • Nature
  • Antiques
  • The old West
  • Rural living
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The rustic style features distinct materials, often making it a bold choice for home décor. When selecting metal and fabric pieces for your rustic bedroom, consider the following theme appropriate options:

  • Iron
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Leather
  • Cloth

When selecting materials, keep metalwork and leather in darker shades, while cloth, stone and wood can range from light to medium colors. The darker colored metal and leather will provide a distinctive accent to surrounding neutral materials, which contributes to the rustic theme's signature look.


Furniture found in a rustic themed bedroom is often highly stylized, and designed specifically for the theme. From shape to color and style, each piece should clearly evoke the rugged yet relaxed style of nature, the mountains and life in a rural setting.

  • Headboards: The headboard will provide one of the most striking pieces of rustic décor in your bedroom, and act as a focal point for the room. Select a large headboard made of wood, leather or weathered metal, that appears rustic and nature themed. If you're really looking to embrace the theme, try finding a headboard that incorporates antlers.
  • Seating: Select couches and chairs in neutral tones, made of cloth or leather. Rustic couches may include metallic rivets, as well as wooden feet and trim, which should always be in a medium to dark shade, accenting the lighter material surrounding it. Chairs are a great way to add leather into a rustic bedroom. Place a large, plush leather chair near a fireplace if you have one in your bedroom, or in the corners of your room to add style and extra seating. If you would prefer cloth to leather, stick to dark wood chairs with neutral colored fabrics.
  • Tables: Tables in a rustic bedroom are the perfect way to combine wood, iron and even stone. Select a wooden side table and nightstand with handcrafted carvings, but be sure they appear relaxed and rustic, rather than ornate. Wood tables in this style should not be glossy or appear elaborate, but rather, evoke the feeling of nature, the old west and cozy rural living. Tables with weathered iron legs are also an appropriate addition to this style, and some may even feature stone accents around the edges.

Accessories & Décor

Accessories and décor are a large part of the rustic bedroom, and help add the definitive touch to this style. Remember to stay within the suggested colors, materials and themes when purchasing decorations.

  • Lighting: Lighting is a key element in the rustic bedroom, and can be provided from flame as much or more than electrical fixtures. Place candles throughout the room, preferably in iron holders, wall sconces and lanterns. Rustic bedrooms may also feature a fireplace, which should be used frequently. Select a central lighting fixture made of weathered iron, and use neutral colored or rawhide shades if applicable. For hanging light fixtures, use weathered iron chains, or consider wrapping rope around the fixture's chain for an antique Western look. For lamps, continue to use pieces in weathered iron with neutral colored or rawhide shades.
  • Pillows: Adding throw pillows to your bed and seating not only adds to comfort, but also greatly increases the rustic style as well. Use pillows in tan, rust, dark green and brown shades, and even try leather pillows as a fun addition. If you enjoy patterns and images, look for pillows stitched with pictures of moose, bears, deer and forest scenes.
  • Blankets: Blankets are frequently found in rustic lodges, and add comfort as well as a nod to the frequently cold climate these homes are typically located in. Drape a brown, dark green or tan blanket from one arm of a chair or the back of a couch, or fold and set below a side table or inside a storage trunk in the bedroom. Also keep a blanket or quilt on your bed for added warmth and style.
  • Wall Décor: Use photos of nature and the old West to further the rustic theme and provide small pops of color. Instead of hanging wall decorations, the walls themselves can also become the décor. Cover an entire wall, or the area above a fireplace, with stone. Use smooth rounded river rock to mimic a creek, or rugged chunks or rock for a beautiful display.
  • Unique pieces: Finally, decorate your rustic bedroom with unique décor pieces that reflect your personal taste, and the design theme. Collectibles from a favorite antique shop, old black and white photos and statues can all make great additions to this style, and are a good way to reflect yourself within the rustic motif.
Last Updated: December 28, 2011
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