Small Bedroom Design Ideas & Tips

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Whether you're renting or buying, small bedrooms happen. At some point in your life, you will probably be forced to decorate a small bedroom. When the time comes, you want to make sure you decorate with a keen intellect, an awareness of space, and a sharp eye for detail. The best idea is to take the space you've got, and make it your own. Don't let yourself be limited by the amount of room you have to decorate. It's easy to feel closed in, but just remember to use every inch of your space to your advantage while maintaining a sense of your own personal style.

Paint In Bright Colors

It is no secret that lighter colors open up your space. You don't need to stick with white, but make sure you stay on the softer side of the color spectrum. Bold or dark colors tend to box you in, and make your room appear even smaller than it is. It can also be a good idea to include a runner and color division in your room; it gives it a sense of separation and makes the walls seem longer.

Hang Mirrors

Mirrors are the best optical illusion for a small room. They make it appear as though you have endless space. Try hanging one large mirror on a wall or door, or several smaller mirrors. They act as little windows and decrease the blank space in your room.

Decrease Clutter

Make sure that all visible space is clutter free. In larger rooms, it is easier to get away with cluttered countertops, shelves, floors and closets. In a small bedroom however, you will find that you have as much space as you give yourself. You don't want to box yourself in with loads of personal items.

Use Out Of Sight Storage

Over-the-door storage and under-the-bed storage are both great ideas for decreasing the clutter in a small bedroom. You want to make sure that even if you've taken items out of sight their storage space isn't filling up any usable space. Don't be afraid to throw anything away either! Chances are, if you don't' mind storing it in a closet, you probably don't need it every day.

small bedroom decorating ideas small bedroom decorating ideas

Opt For Ceiling Lights

Track lighting and ceiling lights will centralize the light in your room. You don't want to illuminate only one wall or corner, but you don't want flood your room with fluorescents either. Ditch the floor lamp, and go for some above-ground centralized lighting system. It will spotlight every inch of your space.

Make Your Bedding A Decorative Piece

Since you don't have too much room to play with, it is a good idea to cover your bed with blankets and sheets that say something about you. Choose a pattern or theme that matches your walls or your furniture. Stay away from small, intricate patterns that distract the eye. When it comes to bedding, you want to go big and bold. Your bed should be a statement piece in your small room.

Hang Bold Wall Art

Pick a few larger pieces to catch the eye. You don't want anyone's attention to linger on any small detail, and you certainly don't want to crowd the space with countless small pictures and posters. These are too busy, and distract the eye. It's also much less cluttering and much more aesthetically appealing when you frame the items on your wall.

Limit Electronics

A huge flat-screen television and a giant sound system are great for the living room or family room, but they don't add anything to your small space. Try limiting the amount of cords that wrap themselves around your room. You don't want the back of your dresser to look like a tangled snake pit.

Disguise Collections

If you have boxes of seashells, binders of baseball cards, or towers of CDs, it is best to hide them from plain view. In small rooms, collections tend to overwhelm and dominate counter, floor and shelf space.

Find A Place For Everything

You don't want any bulky items just strewn about your floor. Try and make sure that you find a proper place for everything in your room. You don't have to stick to just the closet in the bedroom either, take advantage of that extra hallway linen closet, or your garage storage space.

The size of your room should not determine the quality or amount of time you put into decorating. Take great consideration in the placement of everything. Treat the size of your room as a challenge, and embrace it with the keen eye of a professional decorator. You want it to appear as though your room isn't small at all, just cozy, warm and tranquil. If you do it right, you might end up with the best-decorated room in the house!

Last Updated: May 22, 2012
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