Tuscan Bedroom Design Ideas

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The old world romance of Tuscan design is perfect for an inviting, relaxing bedroom. This spare, simple style emphasizes comfort and avoids anything too fancy or colorful, creating a warm, easygoing atmosphere.

Tuscan Colors For Your Walls And Room

Historic Tuscan country homes often had white interior walls. Recreate this look by giving your bedroom walls a coat of white paint. White doesn't have to be cold and chalky; explore the many choices of warm, creamy white shades that carry just a hint of yellow, pink or brown. If white walls don't resonate with you, you can also get an authentic Tuscan look by color-washing your walls in hues that resemble brick or stone.

The rest of your Tuscan style bedroom presents some more varied color choices. For an authentic Tuscan design, work with the muted, earthy Tuscan palette of:

  • Mustard yellow
  • Deep orange
  • Terra cotta
  • Warm brown
  • Sage green
  • Dark, rich red.

Letting In The Light

Natural light enhances Tuscan decorating. Window treatments for this design style are simple, light and airy. Here are some great ways to achieve this gentle, unaffected effect:

  • Hang curtains of natural fabrics such as cotton, savannah cloth, tobacco cloth or lace, in white or pale Tuscan shades.
  • Use a basic, wrought iron curtain rod.
  • Install classic, clean-lined natural wood shutters for unobstructed sunlight during the day and rich darkness while you sleep.
tuscan bedroom design ideas tuscan bedroom design ideas

Tuscan Bedroom Furniture

When picking out your Tuscan bedroom set, either dark woods or wrought iron pieces work equally well. Marble tabletops bring additional Tuscan authenticity to your bedside tables and nightstands.

Other furniture pieces to complete your bedroom set might include a simple desk or writing table and chair, a study dresser and a Tuscan Armoire. If you can't find or afford an authentic Tuscan Armoire, select one with characteristics that follow the guidelines of this design style:

  • Freestanding design
  • Simple lines
  • Strong angles
  • Medium to dark colored wood
  • Large in size.

Additional bedroom seating should be comfortable and simple with white or light upholstered chairs or a small sofa.

Tuscan Style Beds

The bed is the dominant feature of any bedroom, setting the tone for the rest of the room. A black or white wrought iron bed frame is an excellent choice for Tuscan bedroom design. Headboards and footboards are an important part of this style as well, either in wrought iron or dark wood.

When it comes to dressing up Tuscan style beds, one important signature feature is the matelasse, a simple, white cotton blanket. Topping your bed with a matelasse rather than a thick comforter brings light, airy genuine Tuscan charm. These other touches also help enhance Tuscan design style:

  • White or light curtains or drapes around your bed
  • Simple bedding with no bright colors in white or floral designs
  • Colors from the Tuscan palette including rich burgundy, medium blue or warm yellow
  • A few simple, decorative pillows
  • Lace and muted patterns
  • Mixing of complimentary subtle patterns and textures.

Tuscan Bedroom Floors

Don't forget your floors when designing your Tuscan style bedroom. Traditional Tuscan homes often had flooring of Terra cotta, stone mosaics or well-worn hardwoods. Natural woven area rugs with Tuscan colors were also popular.

If traditional Tuscan flooring materials aren't a realistic choice for you, try to stick with neutral carpeting and add a few Tuscan area rugs to tie in with the rest of your bedroom design.

Tuscan Bedroom Accessories

To complete your Tuscan bedroom, add some final decorative touches. Here are a few extras and accessories you may want to try:

  • Decorative pots: copper or terra cotta pots, on their own or with fresh flowers, grapes or greenery look just right on your nightstand or dresser.
  • Wrought iron picture frames: Fill yours with sepia toned family photos or prints of the Tuscan hills.
  • Wall tapestries: Hang a beautiful handmade tapestry in Tuscan colors. You might enjoy designs that include grapes, rural scenery, flowers or wine.
  • Old world paintings: Bring scenes of vineyards, country farms and old world landscapes to your walls.
  • Marble statues: Small marble statues that fit on your dresser or a shelf enhance your design without overwhelming the room.
  • Floral print throw pillows: Add a few to your bed or bedroom chair.
  • Wrought iron candle sconces: Transport yourself back to old world Italy with soft, accent candlelight. If you prefer, use fixtures that use low-watt, candle shaped bulbs instead of real candles.
  • Antique rustic lamps: Period lamps with soft lighting add a gentle, serene glow.
  • Wine and wine glasses: A bottle of wine and some simple stemware displayed on a nightstand or dresser evokes the feeling of local vineyards in the hills, just beyond the window.

When decorating in the Tuscan style, less is more. With a few carefully chosen pieces of furniture and accessories, you'll have a warm, relaxing bedroom reminiscent of Tuscan country living.

Last Updated: February 16, 2012
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