Beautiful Fall Dining Room Decoration Ideas

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Fall marks the start of the holiday season, and is the perfect time for dining and entertaining. Since most of your autumn meals will take place in the dining room, why not create a warm and inviting atmosphere for friends and family with the perfect fall décor.


Your plates, utensils and glasses are some of the first things your guests will notice, not to mention use, and are a large part of designing a fall dining room theme. While you don't need to purchase separate plates and flatware just for autumn, having a set of dishes and silverware separate from those used during the spring and summer does help set the autumn tone. If you are looking to purchase fall tableware, consider the following:

  • Warm colors like tan, gold, bronze and orange are seasonally appropriate colors, and are neutral enough to be used to serve food.
  • If you don't want dramatic additions of color to your tableware set, try looking for white plates with small trims of color, rather than plates made entirely in one color.
  • Clear glasses work best, as they can be pared with any seasonal color scheme.
  • If you do want colored glasses, look for translucent reds, oranges or browns to complement the autumn tone.
  • Utensils are nearly always silver in color (and possibly material) and typically are not changed throughout the seasons. If you would like a separate set of utensils for autumn or the holiday season, gold utensils are often available at home retail and department stores. Be sure to pick a style that matches the level of formality of your events.
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Table Décor

As one of the largest surfaces in your dining room, the dining table can make a subtle, elegant, dramatic or modern statement with well-chosen table cloths, linens and accessories. From centerpieces to napkins, each piece adds an element of style. For an autumn dining room theme, consider the following:

  • For more visual impact, select a tablecloth in striking colors like bronze, golden yellow or deep green.
  • Some tablecloths are available in styles that give a near metallic sheen, adding an extra dimension of style to your table.
  • If you choose not to use a tablecloth, consider placing a pane of glass on your dining room tabletop. Autumn leaves can easily be placed underneath, offering the colors and styles of fall, without fear of spills or damage to your table or your decorations.
  • For contained centerpieces, try filling a clear glass hurricane candleholder with acorns, leaves, pumpkins, candy corn or squash. Each piece will be clearly visible by your guests, but is neatly held inside the candleholder.
  • Great fall centerpieces almost always include autumn leaves and pumpkins or squash. Use faux leaves and pumpkins to reuse the centerpiece year after year. Fall centerpieces can often be purchased pre-made at craft stores, home improvement stores and many retail stores.
  • If you are inviting many guests and plan to use place cards, consider writing each guest's name on a small pumpkin set at their plate.
  • Select napkins that either exactly match, or contrast with your table or tablecloth color. Shades that are similar, but not exact often look messy and ill designed.


Candles are a frequent addition to fall décor, and are only slightly impeded by the logistics of a dining room. Because food will be served, avoid scented candles in the dining room. Even seemingly pleasant smells can interfere with the taste of food, bothering guests and affecting the perception of various tastes. For dining room candles, consider the following:

  • Unscented taper candles for dining table candelabras. Use classic white, or browns, tans, greens or metallic gold, silver or bronze.
  • Centerpieces with a large, central candle are a common fall décor piece, and are an aesthetically pleasing way to add color and light to your table. Try a three wick, unscented candle surrounded by autumn leaves.
  • If you plan to use candles as your main method of lighting your dining table, use tall candles, placed in a line down the table, rather than many small candles. The height will help shine line on each guest's plate, as well as help prevent anyone from accidentally touching the flame when reaching for food or their glass.

General Dining Room Decor

Adding a few key touches to your walls will help finalize your fall dining room. Select decorations that will complement the color scheme of your tablecloth, candles, tableware and existing wall color.

  • Wall sconce candleholders are a beautiful way to add decoration and light to your dining room walls. Select a metal color and style that reflects the style of your dining room furniture.
  • Try wrapping small sections of autumn leaf garland around wall sconce candleholders for an added touch of fall.
  • Drape autumn leaf garlands across the top of windows, large cabinets and shelves in your dining room.
  • Purchase slipcovers for your dining chairs in warm autumn colors to add a seasonal touch without permanently reupholstering.

Use candles, warm colors and autumn leaf décor to create the perfect environment in your dining room for fall entertaining. Simple additions make all the difference, letting you change up your year round design theme without breaking the bank.

Last Updated: August 30, 2011
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