Beautiful French Dining Room Design Ideas

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French design is often referred to as beautiful, artful and luxurious, making it a great design choice for a room you can spend hours in every day, the dining room. Designing a room in a French style is a popular choice because French styles can go with many home styles, you don't have to make your whole home French to adopt this as your dining room design aesthetic and it looks great. To create a French themed dining room there are different elements to take into account, depending on the style you pick so have fun exploring to create your unique French dining room.

If you are looking to completely renovate your dining room you can of course do it all in French style, but if you just want to update the room with a few pieces you can also pick and chose from the design ideas below.


A country as varied as France does not have only one design style so you should explore magazines and pictures to see how you want to style your dining room from the thousands of samples out there. And remember, even if you see something in an expensive home you can probably find it in a less expensive version somewhere.

French Country - This popular design style has the casual elegance of a French country home. The designers at Pierre Deux made an industry bringing this look to the masses all around the globe with patterns, fabrics and textures that bring vitality of color and country chic style to the home. A dining room in this style would be cozy and welcoming: think roosters and sun drenched colored napkins and tablecloths. Any color goes in the French country style, and big wooden pieces you'd find in a farmhouse work best. It's particularly best for families that want an elegant yet warm feel in the dining room.

Art Deco - This design style began in Paris in the 1920's and was wildly popular until World War II - and extremely glamorous. Known for its architectural look with sleek, smooth and bended lines, it was popular for furniture, fabric and glass, as well as jewelry and fashion. A dining room with this look will be very dramatic and formal, as well as elegant. You will feel like you are eating every meal in grand style and your guests will enjoy a classy, glamorous atmosphere. The furniture pieces will be artful, as seen in examples like wooden chests or mirrored glass, something popular at the time that adds glitz and glamour to your home.

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18th Century - Think Marie Antoinette and you have the gilded, design heavy look of this popular dining room style in mind. You can pick ornate buffets and a long dining room table, both with golden details, or a huge gold mirror to frame your walls. If it's wooden and gilded it can go in your dining room. This style will have your dining room feeling like a palace hall, of course you may have to hire some waiters for the night to complete the look.

Modern - While French styles are popular for their looks of years gone by, the French style is also very modern. Use bold, modern art pieces, a sleek dining room table and artsy chairs - maybe even some that don't match. The French will hold style we look to for inspiration going into the future so if you want your dining room to feel ahead of the styles you see in many people's home, go French modern.


A French dining room has of course the big pieces but accessories can make your room seem like the real deal.

Lighting - Lighting is an easy way to make your room more French in ambiance. You may want some candles around the table as well as on the buffet and/or sideboard to create an attractively lit room. Consider installing a chandelier, and using candelabras on the dining table.

Art - Art can not only add to your theme but also create great discussion points and bring energy to a room. Pick a bold modern piece with bright splashes of color that can go nicely with the modern style of dining room, or a lovely impressionist style country or beach scene or painting of a plate of flowers or fruit to put in your French country room. Check out art you like and add it to your room to make it complete.

Dining Ware and Stemware - The silverware you use, the glasses you drink out of and the plates and bowls you use all add to your dining room style so look for styles that compliment your particular French theme. You will find it can be a fun way to add design elements to your meal and dining room table.


Dining rooms require certain basic pieces; a dining table, chairs, buffet and dining chest. Investing in the room over some time will still yield you the dining room you want. While new pieces are great, antiques can add to the look of your home and it's authenticity as a French dining room. If you do get a new piece of furniture, lots of furniture designers make pieces that look old so you still have an authentic Art Deco dining room without the hefty price of an antique. And you can always mix old and new pieces, which is a great way to splurge on an antique piece but keep the overall cost low.

Last Updated: October 23, 2011
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