Elegant Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

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Before you invite friends and family to enjoy Christmas dinner at your home this year, use these simple tips for inexpensive and DIY, elegant Christmas decorations. Create unique and beautiful décor pieces with items you already own, or easily found at your local craft store.


Before you begin making or purchasing your elegant Christmas table decorations for the dining room, you will first need to select a color scheme. The aim of elegant Christmas décor is not to appear overwhelming or even overly ornate. Choose a neutral shade for larger items like tablecloths and runners, or an area rug is you plan to use one. Allow smaller dining room accessories like glasses, table décor and napkins to add small, elegant pops of color. Some color scheme suggestions include:

  • Gold tablecloth; silver runner; green, red, white or blue accessories
  • Silver tablecloth; gold runner; green, red, white or blue accessories
  • White tablecloth; gold or silver runner; green, red, white or blue accessories

elegant christmas decorations dining room table decor

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If you enjoy dining with classically sophisticated tableware, then the elegant Christmas theme is a good fit for you. This is the perfect season and style to utilize high-end design (though not necessarily with a high price tag) to create a gorgeous dinnertime display.

  • Chargers are an elegant way to add color to your tableware without purchasing colored plates. Select chargers in gold or silver to set beneath plates. By not purchasing them in traditional Christmas colors like red or green, they can be used for other holidays and occasions throughout the year.
  • Glasses can be used in either traditional clear or colored for the elegant Christmas theme. If you do decide to use colored water or wine glasses, allow these to be the significant contributions of color to your Christmas dinner table display. Use other small accessories on the table in the same shade to pull the look together. For example, if you use red glasses, add décor with cranberries; for green glasses, add pine décor.
  • Because flatware is typically either silver or gold, your existing utensils will likely fit perfectly with the elegant Christmas theme. If your flatware is gold, use silver napkins, placemats and/or table runners to accentuate it.
  • Though not traditional, metallic table linens are a beautiful choice for elegant Christmas dinners. Use at least two shades of linens to create depth and contrast in your table display, highlighting each piece's lines and details, and avoiding a single color overload.
  • For a unique twist on table linens, mimic the look of a runner with two to four ribbons. Line the ribbons down the center of the table, with one or two on each side, appearing like the edges of a runner. For this option, use a red, green or blue shade, since the ribbons are much smaller than a full size runner, and can create contrast without being overwhelming.

elegant christmas decorations dining room table decor


Purchase or design your own lighting pieces for the dining table, surrounding tables and furniture in the dining room. Also, add details to your existing lighting fixtures to give them an updated and sophisticated Christmas touch.

  • Use candles in white, gold and silver for your primary candle lighting. While red and green are traditional Christmas, they can clash with the otherwise neutral coloring of an elegant display.
  • Spray paint existing pillar candleholder silver, white or gold.
  • Look for an inexpensive candleholder or candelabra at a thrift store. Paint it white, then allow to dry. Spray with adhesive, then cover in white glitter, or Epsom salt. The glitter/salt will appear like ice, creating a unique and gorgeous iced over candle display.
  • For traditional Christmas string lighting in an elegant dining room set up, only use white lights on a white wire, and wrap them in a sheet white curtain. The curtain will soften the string's light, and give the common lights a sophisticated twist.

elegant christmas decorations dining room table decor


  • Purchase large clear stones in the shape of jewels or abstract, and attach them to satin ribbons in white, green, silver, gold or red. Hang them from the branches of a chandelier in your dining room.
  • Spray snowflake ornaments with clear adhesive, and cover with white or silver glitter. Again, attach ribbons and hang from the chandelier.
  • Purchase large red or green ribbons. Tie them into neat bows on the back of each chair, resembling a present. This can also be done in place of a napkin ring.
  • Purchase very small pine trees from a home improve, craft or grocery store and spray paint them white. Hang small metallic decorations on them, and use a table décor. If they come in plastic pots, replace with metal or glass containers.
  • Chill champagne bottles in traditional ice buckets filled with frozen and floating cranberries.
  • Attach costume brooches to napkins in place of napkin rings.
  • Line buffet tables and dining room storage chests with decorative vases filled with metallic ornaments.
  • Make your own glittering faux fruit and ornaments to fill bowls, vases and other centerpiece/table décor.
  • Paint branches silver or gold. Place them in a vase and leave bare, or decorate with small ornaments.
Last Updated: December 17, 2012
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