Elegant Halloween Decoration Ideas For the Dining Room

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You may never have thought to combine the words "elegant" and "Halloween" in the same sentence before, but Halloween doesn't have to be all about horror and gory decorations.

You can present a sophisticated, spooky yet elegant Halloween theme in your dining room without a bit of blood. Combining elements of Victorian style, black and silver, pumpkins, crows, cats and flowers will bring a hint of creepiness, yet maintain a tasteful, adult feel in your Halloween dining room.

Set the Table

Your table is the star of your dining room. Bring all eyes to it with creative, elegant, yet subdued decorations. Give it a creepy, yet restrained look with some of the following ideas:

  • Cover the table with a black velvet tablecloth.
  • Make a simple chair cover by sliding a black pillowcase over the chair's back. Black satin gives a little bit of shine for extra interest. Add to the creepy fun with a few faux spider webs complete with dangling spiders.
  • Set an ornate, gothic looking candelabra in the table's center, with black, white or red taper candles. You can spray paint the candelabra black for extra creepiness. Stretch faux spider webs on the candelabra, with a few plastic spiders for effect.
  • Place black, white or silver dishes at each setting.
  • Keep the theme going with fancy wine glasses, even if you are just using them for water.
  • Purchase inexpensive fabric flowers arranged in containers. Spray paint the entire arrangement black, then once the paint dries, spray again with a clear, glitter spray. Cluster the arrangements together as a centerpiece, or set one at each place setting.

Ready for Planting


It's just not Halloween without pumpkins, so be sure to decorate your dining room with a few twists on the traditional. You can find a wide range of orange pumpkins, as well as unusual colors, shapes and textures at many grocery stores or your local garden center. You can also use craft form pumpkins to create decorations for use year after year.

  • Miniature white pumpkins look elegant and unusual. Decorate your table, hutch or side table with them, or use one at each place setting.
  • Spray paint regular pumpkins black, gold or silver, then tape a Halloween stencil on the pumpkin, and spray paint again with white paint for a more sophisticated take on the Jack O' Lantern. Remove the stencil carefully when paint is dry.
  • Paint several pumpkins with silver or gold glitter paint, then stack in a corner. Top the pile with one or two crow figures.
  • Turn a large white, gray or other unusual color pumpkin into a vase for a sinister Halloween floral display. Carve off the top of the pumpkin, scoop and clean the inside, then fill with fresh or faux flowers in blood red, burgundy, plum or dark purple.
  • Set miniature white or silver painted pumpkins on top of candleholders. Carve the tops of the pumpkins to fit candles, and decorate your table, sideboard or dining room cabinets with a display of several.
  • Fill a black basket with unusual gourds, squash and pumpkins, and set near the door or corner of the room.

Finished Product


If you want the traditional look of flower arrangements on your dining room table, but want to give a twist to the usual, try some of the following ideas.

  • Fill a black, silver or clear glass vase with flowers in traditional fall colors, or more creepy shades of deep red, purple and burgundy. Top off by gluing spiders, small ghosts, bats or skulls to black twigs and arranging through the flowers.
  • Use a ceramic or plastic black cat's head as a vase, and fill with roses.
  • Paint real or faux flowers black or silver, and arrange in a ceramic skull base.
  • Surround a hurricane candleholder with black feathers and flowers, and burn a white candle inside.
  • Plant black pansies in small pots, and set at each place setting. There are several varieties you can find at your local nursery.

Cats, Crows and Bats

Black cats, crows and bats are the traditional animals of Halloween. Add their presence to your dining room with elegant, slightly scary decor.

  • String paper black cat faces on black or silver ribbon, and use as garland to decorate your sideboard or hutch.
  • Add a touch of creepy glamour to your room by spray painting plastic rubber bats with glitter paint, and hanging from your chandelier or light fixture.
  • Mount feathered crow figures to your lamps, backs of chairs, or top of doors to make visitors think of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven."
  • Set a ceramic cat face, or large crow figure in the middle of a large black platter, and use to present your desserts, candies, or hors d'oeuvres.
  • Create a display of black cats on your shelves or cabinets. A set of black, arch-backed cats gathered together will add a touch of sinister whimsy.
  • Serve drinks from a black cathead cauldron.

Halloween may be normally associated with gore, terror and horror themes, but you can easily use the traditional Halloween elements of black color, pumpkins, crows, bats and cats and add ornate or sophisticated touches to create an elegant Halloween dining room that will make a perfect setting for all your Halloween festivities.

Last Updated: December 6, 2012
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