Halloween Decoration Ideas For The Dining Room

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Whether you plan to host a Halloween dinner party, or simply want to enjoy the season with your family, try some of these festive and frightening Halloween decoration ideas for your dining room. From black glitter pumpkins to blood dripped candles, create the perfect setting for your celebrations this season.

Halloween Table Décor

Skull Display: To really frighten guests, stack several plastic skulls inside of a clear glass hurricane candleholder and place at the center of the table. Use dirt, dried grass or spider webs for filler in between the skulls. Sprinkle fake spiders, rats and bugs on top of and inside the skulls, and inside the candleholder to complete the morbid display.

Dark Floral Arrangements: Black floral arrangements instantly set a spooky tone when placed at the center of your dining room table, or on side tables and buffets. Purchase fake or real dyed black roses and bunch together in a clear vase. For a touch of color, add several deep red roses in the mix. Tie a black ribbon around the vase for a final gothic touch.

Glitter Pumpkins: Create a unique and eye catching centerpiece or side table accent with glitter pumpkins and a tiered dessert platter. Simply cover small pumpkins in glue, then sprinkle with black, gold, silver or orange glitter. Arrange the pumpkins on the dessert platter for a tiered Halloween display perfect for sparkling in the dining room.

Vintage Lighting  Vintage Lighting


Lace Table Runners: Purchase a premade black lace table runner, or make your own from lace bought at a craft store. The antique pattern adds a spooky feel to otherwise plain tablecloths, but can be used again at non-themed dinners. To add an extra worn look to the lace, try fraying the edges.

Pumpkin Place cards: Greet guests with small pumpkins in a shade that best compliments the rest of your Halloween décor. Use a marker or acrylic paint to write their names, and set in front of each plate to let guests know where they should be seated.

Napkin Rings: For easy to make, one time use Halloween napkin rings, cut a six inch piece of black crepe paper, and twist until it forms a tight rope. Carefully tie the crepe paper around your napkins into a bow or knot, then glue a small plastic spider, skull, ghost or any other Halloween icon onto it.


Spider Webs: One of the easiest and cheapest ways to instantly transform your everyday dining room light fixtures into props straight out of a horror film is with the use of fake spider webs. Found at most party stores, craft stores and retail stores, fake spider webs simply stretch across your dining room chandelier, floor lamps and sconces to create the frighteningly realistic appearance of cobwebs. For a dramatic effect, purchase glow in the dark spider webs, and reference your light fixture's normal bulbs with black lights. A haunting purple glow will be cast around the dining room, and the spider web will brightly glow.

Light Bulbs: If you'd like more than candlelight, but don't want the brightness of your regular lighting, try switching out your dining room light bulbs with 25 watt options. Colored lights can also lower the brightness, and add a dramatic effect. Green, blue and black lights all create the perfect atmosphere for a Halloween party.

Blood Dripped Candles: For a set of homemade gothic candles perfect for dining room candelabras, purchase a set of white, black or silver candles, and at least one red one. Light the red candle until it has burned enough to form a pool of liquid wax around the wick. Pour the melted red wax down the side of the white, black or silver candles to instantly create the look of dripping blood.

Candy Filled Candles: To add a subtle Halloween accent to your existing hurricane candles, fill a large clear hurricane candleholder half way with candy corn, acorns or black and orange jelly beans. Simply set your candle on top, and enjoy the extra decorative touch.

Dining Room Décor

Mirror Silhouettes: Create a startling ghostly reflection in your dining room mirror with a roll of frosted window film. Draw or trace a template of a ghost or human silhouette onto the window film (try Remlor, available on Amazon.com) and cut it out. Place the window film onto a mirror in your dining room to create an eerie, mysterious figure in the mirror's reflection.

Pumpkin Signs: Direct family and friends to the correct table for drinks, desserts or appetizers with welcoming jack-o-lantern signs. Carve a medium sized pumpkin with the words "Drinks," "Treats" or anything else describing what will be set out on a dining room side table or buffet, and place a small candle inside to illuminate the pumpkin's message. For a more ominous message, try painting the pumpkin black, or filling the inside with glow in the dark paint rather than a candle. Be sure to place a black light near the pumpkin in order for the pain to glow.

Black Chairs: To create a unified color scheme and darker your dining room's overall look, purchase some cheap black pillow cases, and slip them over the backs of your dining room chairs. For far less than the cost of reupholstering, the pillowcases instantly create a Halloween appropriate look that is easily cleaned and removed.

Pumpkin Ice Bucket: Create a festive and colorful ice bucket for your champagne, sodas or any other chilled beverages with only a medium sized pumpkin and a regular ice bucket. Simply cut the top off of a pumpkin slightly larger than your ice bucket, and scoop out the insides. Place your ice bucket inside, so that it is fully concealed, then fill with ice. Set your drinks inside the pumpkin and enjoy.

Try some of these scary, spooky and fun Halloween decoration ideas in your dining room, and enjoy all the season has to offer. 

Last Updated: September 4, 2012
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