How To Decorate Your Dining Room For Winter

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From wintry art pieces to color schemes and inspiration from Nordic cultures, use this guide to learn how to decorate your dining room for winter. Don’t think you have to spend a fortune, because with a few additions you can make your room into a wintry dining room.

The colors white and silver are dominate in this design theme, so think of snow, icicles and frost, and you can easily add these colors to your room now, or pair it with blue or maroon for pops of wintery color.


Winter usually calls up the image of New England snowy scenes or the sweeping snow covered mountains around the world. When you think winter, you usually associate snow, icicles and a rustic feel, so use these images in your room in both color and design. Nordic cultures are obviously very associated with winter, and they use the shapes of snowflakes, as well as pine trees, pinecones and nature scenes in their art that will work well for you in your room as well.

Whether its Nordic art or a snowy painting you add to your walls, get your inspiration and then add it to the room in the pieces you chose. You can find some paintings, stemware, dishes and linens with your inspiration and have a wintry dining room you will love.


As written above, paintings, stemware, dishes and linens are all a great place to infuse the winter theme into your dining room, and you can reuse these items year after year. Here are some ideas to make over your dining room.

-White plates with a snowflake imprint on them, or chargers in a frosted white color to go under plates you already have. You want to bring in that snowy feel and a frosted, silver or just plain white charger can be a great way to add that to your table under plates you already have. If you want, getting a plate with a snowflake print on it makes the dining room have a great winter feel and adds a bit of texture to your table.

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-Vase fillers with pinecones, fake branches with silver and white tipped edges (for a snowcapped look), and some silver glass balls can make a lovely centerpiece for the table or atop a buffet. If there are other items you come across feel free to add them since a vase filler is a place you can get creative and add things that are wintry to you.

-Winter art scenes are a great addition to a wintry dining room so find scenes of snow-covered cabins, snow covered city streets or some other winter themed art. If you have a few pictures you have taken, say from a vacation skiing in Colorado, you can get them blown up and take them to a frame store and make a collage of three of four and put them up in the dining room. Don’t think you have to use expensive art. If you have some pictures of your own, feel free to use them to add a lovely personal touch to your winter dining room.


Certain color pairings, like silver and blue, or colors like maroon and deep green, work especially well for a winter theme. Here are some ideas of how you can add these colors to your dining room. It only takes a few items to add a wintry touch and create a fabulous table setting at the same time.

Silver and Blue – You can have silver chargers for the table underneath a blue runner. To go along with it, get blue placemats and white tablecloths and coordinate with the table runner. To this you can add silver goblets to your wintry dining room, or just your usual glass stemware. If you are so inclined, having silver candleholders and blue candles as a centerpiece, and even a nice bouquet of white flowers, adds a nice final touch. If you do frame pictures of snowy scenes you can get the matting in blue as well to go with your table colors.

Maroon – If you want a wintry table but want to stay more simple with white and silver, you should still have a pop of color and a good one for a winter themes can also be maroon. If you are getting white and silver plates, chargers and goblets, maroon is a nice placement of color for your winter table. You can get a maroon table runner and napkins, candles, chargers or even maroon and white flowers. You don’t have to get everything in maroon, as with the silver and blue, just add some items in maroon so you have contrasting color that is winter appropriate. And as with above, you can get your pictures matted with maroon to bring the color into the room.

You can add the winter theme to your dining area with a few items that will make your room cozy and warm, just like the season. Find inspiration you love and add it to the room to make your dining room your favorite winter place to dine.

Last Updated: December 19, 2011
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