Natural Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

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Treat holiday dinner guests to a beautiful display with Christmas table decorations made from nature. Replace some of your traditional dining room décor with these easy to make or find natural options with a Christmas twist.


When you are selecting tablecloths, napkins, runners and other often colored items for your dining room, remember to use naturally occurring colors throughout the room. For large items, stick to neutrals, and take inspiration from the medium to deep browns found in tree bark. Keep lighter colors like red, green and blue to smaller items to provide touches of color throughout the table display, while maintaining the natural Christmas theme. Let your decorations provide the most amount of color across your table spread.

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Natural Christmas themes often use rough fabrics in other areas of the home. However, dinner guests should not be subjected to uncomfortable napkins or other table linens. Just be sure to avoid ornately designed fabrics with patterns.


You'll want to provide functional lighting for Christmas dinner, without abandoning your natural theme. Try some of these décor tips to alter what you may already own to fit the natural Christmas décor:

  • If you have a chandelier, drape it with a plain pine garland. Hang pinecones from the chandelier's branches, and add cranberries on branches to the garland.
  • If you have pre-existing hooks in your ceiling, or don't mind adding some, hang lanterns from the ceiling with unscented candles (never used scented candles near food). Fill the base of the lantern with pinecones, pine boughs and cranberries. Lanterns can also be used to line the table, acting as a functional lighting centerpiece.
  • Wrap thin pine garlands around the base of candlesticks and pillar candleholders. Leave no space in between each layer of garland, so the candle appears to be emerging from the pine.
  • Glue twigs, cranberries and cinnamon sticks to the outside of clear candleholders.
  • Fill the bottom of hurricane candleholders with twigs, pine boughs, cranberries and pinecones.
  • Wrap a string of white lights on a green wire around a pine garland, and hang over windows and doorways. This will help provide enough light for guests to eat, if you do not wish to use overhead lighting.
  • Check home décor stores for large branch candles holders.

Finished Product

Table Décor

There's no need to spend money on expensive Christmas table decorations for the natural Christmas theme. Gather materials found outside, or pick up a few pieces from your local craft store and create your own beautiful décor.

  • Place pinecones in candleholders, glasses, cups or very small pots, and top with a small star, resembling a Christmas tree.
  • Break off branches from pine trees (make sure they all still have needles on them), and place vertically in soil inside a mason jar, glass or small pail. Place the potted branches on the table to resemble small pine trees.
  • Run a thick pine garland down the center of the table. Add cranberries, red ornaments and pinecones for colorful additions. Weave the garland around candles and centerpieces for a relaxed look.
  • Fill a large decorative bowl with pine boughs, and mix in red ornaments.
  • Set pinecones or ornaments on pillar candleholders.
  • Wrap trays with pine garlands or twigs.
  • Check home décor stores, craft stores or your own yard for small birch stumps or large birch branches. Cut them into varying sizes between three and 12 inches long, set vertically on the table, and use as candleholders or decoration pillars. This idea also works well for filling unused fireplaces with the branches, topped with candles.

Ready for Planting

Place Cards

Many dinner hosts like to use place cards to show guests where they will be seated. Try these fun and creative ideas for natural Christmas styled place cards:

  • Wedge a small name card into the side of a pinecone, and set in front of or on top of each guest's plate.
  • Fill clear shot glasses with soil, and place one two to six inch pine branch inside, resembling a Christmas tree. Attach a small paper star to the top of the tree with each guest's name.
  • Purchase very small pine trees, or make your own from the directions above, and tie a name card to the top of each tree. Set the trees in front of each guest's plate.
  • Wrap a very small box with brown wrapping paper. Tie with twine, and glue a small, decorative pinecone to the center. Write each guest's name on one of the mini presents, and set on his or her plate.
  • Glue to twigs together, or tie them with twine or ribbon. Wedge a name card between the twigs and set on or in front of each plate.
  • Cut one inch wide branches to one inch tall. Carefully create a small indentation in the top of the branch, and slide in the name card.
Last Updated: December 17, 2012
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